The Upgraded Flip Flop - the easiest way to vamp up your favorite summer style

Every summer we all do it - we decide that our favorite pair of flip flops goes with everything: a party dress, our swimwear, jeans and shorts...EVERY OUTFIT.  In fact, I was even caught wearing my favorite black pair with my white reception dress at my wedding.  And why do we make excuses that it looks okay?  Because they are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe!  For those of us who don't get to experience the warm weather as long as others, as soon as the temperatures reach above 50 people start breaking out their spring and summer footwear.

Well...if you are planning to wear your favorite summer shoe with anything and everything, why not look at a few other styles vs. buying that Old Navy pair in every single color.  Sure, you may get more bang for your buck at Old Navy, but if you find the right sandal you won't need to change your sandal every few days.  Plus, you might find a style with a little more support and longevity to last the entire summer.  

One of my favorite go to sandal brands is UGG.  Believe it or not, they have some great summer styles that add a lot more style than the normal Birkenstock.  In fact, I just bought this Deitra sandal on a recent shopping trip and I love it!  It is extremely comfortable, and the leather and metal detail adds just enough pazazz to make this style incredibly versatile.  This is a shoe that you can wear with a dress or a pair of jeans and not have people whispering!  However, for those people looking for a deal, this is a bit on the expensive side for a sandal - $80.  Although, I will say that this line is very durable and I still have a pair from 4 summers ago that is in perfect shape!  

For something a bit more dressy, I opt for styles like this Tory Burch Miller Sandal.  Now this sandal is expensive ($225) but I will say it's a classic cut.  In addition, it frames your foot very well - and creates a very slimming effect.  The logo adds a little something - I have the style from last season that is all leather.  I prefer it over the gold accent, but I still think this style is amazingly flattering.  Because the sandal is all leather, I can easily get away with wearing this shoe to work or out to a nice dinner.  It's not as easy on the wallet, but you will get a ton of use out of it.  

This Cole Haan style is also a great option if you are wanting something a little more reasonable.   For $98 it's another excellent style that you can dress up or down.  

And lastly, for the girl who just can't get out of that flip's something with a little more flare.  I love this pair of Havianas Flip Flops.  The detail at the toe instantly adds more glamour than the normal flip flop and the price is great - just $30.  This is the way to dress it up without losing the appeal of the "flip flop."

Even Old Navy offers styles to get you out of your comfort zone.  I love this spin on the flip flop.  The detail work makes it dressier and you could definitely get away with wearing this shoe with a summer dress.  And the price ($9.50) is right!  

So ladies, no more excuses!  I have given you a variety or styles and price ranges to satisfy your comfort and summer style needs.  No longer will you be the girl with the same pair of smelly flip flops that you wore all last summer.  Now, you have several options to mix it up and look fabulous.  And trust me - your feet will thank you!  



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