FREE STUFF you can't pass up!

Okay, laugh all you want...but I am that person who tries to sign up to win everything.  Now I'm not so desperate as to sign up for a credit card just to get a Colts hat, but when I see something I want or would love to try...I'm going to try to find the best deal...and what's cheaper than free?

Well, recently my persistence has been paying off.  I've won free lip gloss sets, perfumes and random beauty products...and just recently an APPLE IPAD 2 (won't be getting it for a few weeks but oh yeah...)!

Here's what you need to do to get on the freebie bandwagon.  You know when you read a magazine and it says, "here's a new beauty product and 5 lucky readers can win if you sign up online" - actually do it.  Don't put throw the magazine away or pass it along to a friend or coworker until you sign up!  The best mags for this are Lucky Magazine, US Weekly, and even Cosmo and Glamour sometimes.  Now before you start thinking, "I don't have the money to buy all of these magazines..." guess what?  You don't need the actual magazine - all of these sites offer their deals online and you don't have to be a subscriber to benefit.

Personally, Lucky Magazine is my favorite.  This shopping magazine dedicates it's site to deals and giveaways for the savvy shopper.  Head to the site to see what the "daily deals" are - items on sale for up to 50% off.   Recently, this great blazer by 525 America was offered to Lucky readers for just $81 (retail $162).

And for the free stuff.  The site also offers a daily giveaway - and there's no cheaping out here.  This has included Gucci sunglasses, Kiehl's beauty baskets...and every time you enter you get another chance to win the grand prize - a shopping spree in London!  Umm...yes, please.  Today's giveaway is a Bally bag that I'm not crazy about, but for the price of FREE I'll take it!  This bag retails for $1195 so it's just about the best deal you can get.  Sell it on ebay - if you make even $20 you will be in the positive!  

So...what are you waiting for?  These giveaways are legit - whether you keep your winnings for yourself, give them away as gifts, or make a profit it's a win win situation.  So start entering ladies...but could you wait until April?  I'm kind of banking on this trip to London!  


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