Fashionable Workout Gear

These days, celebrities are proving that you are always under the microscope - and therefore you want to look put together at all times.  However, just because you're looking great doesn't mean that you can't be comfortable.

In the last several years a trip to the gym has turned into a fashion show...and let's face it...some women tend to go a little overboard.  Full make-up while I break a sweat?  No thank you.  However, it doesn't mean that I just have to go in my sweats and Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

To me, Nike has taken it up a notch in the past few seasons.  Instead of just offering the normal mesh shorts and t-shirts with "just do it" posted everywhere they have been opting for some more feminine looks that make it possible to run all of your errands without looking like a slop.  I don't know about you, but I love am outfit that allows me to head to the gym, run to the grocery store, and meet a girlfriend for coffee.  Taking 3 showers a day with several outfit changes just isn't feasible for this girl.

I recently stumbled upon this hoodie while picking up some mascara at the mall (whoopsie) and had to have it.  Not only is it incredibly soft but it's also lightweight enough for warm days when you are out at the park or at a baseball game.  I love that I can easily pair it with jeans or a pair of gym shorts depending on what's going on that day.  For only $40, it's a piece of athletic wear that will get a lot of use.   

Here are some other Nike looks that I'm fond of:

Nike Set Point Women's Tennis Shirt, $45

Nike Indy Print Max Women's Sport Top, $35

Some other brands I have been watching for their comfort and versatility are the Heidi Klum for New Balance line (as seen on Project Runway) and Puma.  I have to say, the the Heidi Klum line is extremely overpriced but it is finally on sale on Amazon.  Thank goodness.  Even with the sale the price is still a bit steep in my opinion but just be sure to read the reviews.  Some items got phenomenal ratings while others were dismal.  Here are some looks I LOVE from both lines.  

HKNB Project Runway Pant with Inserts, $66.15

HKNB Long Sleeve Cropped Knit Sweatshirt, $112.50

HKNB PDR Pants with Zippers, $70.20

Puma Graphic T-Shirt, $40

Puma Move Graphic Logo Tank Top, $34

So there you have it - some comfy and stylish favorites of mine that you can wear anywhere!  Trade in the pajama pants and amp up your casual style.  After all, you never know who you'll run into!

XOXO, Allison

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