Get an Exquisite Glow with Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl

In the past I haven't had much success with "highlighters" due to the uneven application.  Don't get me wrong, the professional make-up artists seem to apply it in all the right spots on the models, but even when they would try it on me I would be unimpressed with the overall look.  I wanted a natural glow...not the appearance that I had just left a drag show!

Well...when I read the reviews on Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl I wasn't sure what to think.  For the most part I've had a lot of success with Benefit's products, but I just didn't know whether or not this product was worth the hype.  So when I had to spend just a few more dollars online to qualify for a free beauty bag (they get me every time!) I decided to try the product out.

Girl Meets Pearl, $30

The product promises that you will be able to wear it over make-up or alone, and I have to say that personally over the make-up is the only way I could wear it.  That's not to say that I don't think some women could wear the product alone just fine; in fact, if you don't care for foundation a little "Girl Meets Pearl" might be just want you need to amp your look up for the night.  However, I have some red undertones to my face, so when applying the "Girl Meets Pearl" alone, it seems to accentuate those natural shades.  Therefore, I think wearing it alone will depend on the person's complexion.

Even though I didn't care for it alone, I was very impressed with the nature of this 2010 Best Highlighter of the Year.  The applicator is great, and works almost like a spice shaker or some deodorants.  You simply twist up enough product to come through the small holes, and apply over make-up.  I normally do it in between my tinted moisturizer and powder on the apples of my cheek when I want a more subdued look and over my entire look when I am looking for more of a glow.  The applicator allows you to get just the right amount depending on which look you are going for - therefore you won't waste product.

Girl Meets Pearl Applicator

For $30 it's definitely worth looking into - especially with the airiness of the spring and summer months coming up.  It gives you an ethereal feel that will look great with some of the softer materials and colors that show up with the sun comes out and the temps go up!  The effects are great and you can create completely different looks depending on what look you are going for and how much you apply.  In fact, I think this is a great product for any upcoming brides - you will look heavenly with a natural, radiant glow!  

So appear angelic...even if it's only on the outside.  It will be our secret :).  


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