Lip Stains - Actual Long Lasting Color and Shine...Who Knew?

While some fashionable people might not admit it, a lot of the knowledge they have on fashion and beauty comes from those around them.  I will be the first person to say that I have always relied on the help of others to point me in the right direction.

If there's a void in beauty, it's definitely lip products.  No, I'm not talking about making them bigger (I think you're at the wrong place if you're looking for that) I'm not talking about finding the right color that shines and lasts for longer than 5 minutes.  My theory with make-up is that I want to apply it once and not have to worry about it all day...and in my experience you can't find that in lip products.

Enter my BFF and fellow fashonista Sarah.  Sarah is perhaps the one person I know who has more products than I do (she recently revealed to me she has 6 different shampoos in her shower...) and so I definitely trust her opinion when she lets me know about something she really likes.  This weekend she introduced me to YSL's latest creation, the Glossy Stain.  If you've been a long time reader you know that I've had a lot of success with YSL.  It's definitely a quality product (just look at the price) but well worth it!

Glossy Stain, $32,

While we were getting ready on Saturday, Sarah told me I had to use her new product before we went out.  Never one to pass up trying something new (especially from YSL) I obliged.  The stain goes on like a gloss, but here's the can't rub the stain in or smack your lips for approximately 30-60 seconds to let the stain seep in and dry.  I counterintuitive, but the results were proof that this product is exactly what I have been searching for.  Sarah had two shades - coral and berry - which I adored...really great colors for the fall.  And here's a secret that you may not realize...berries and violets that have blue in them actually give the illusion that your teeth are super white!  Kill two birds with one stone.

So thanks to Sarah I'm hoping to hit up Sephora this weekend in Indianapolis and pick a few up for myself.  I liked it better when I was making her buy new products...I'll be billing you later Sarah!

Fashionable, Fun, and Gadget Friendly Accessories - a MUST!

As I sit here in the library waiting for my student (I tutor in my "free time"; what can I say, I'm a person of many talents...and in need of shopping money) I'm concerned by the upcoming generation.  Seriously, I could not tell these kids apart if you asked me to.

Off to the corner sits the group of girls who are obviously "cool" but are trying to demonstrate that they are "too cool" to care if they are "too cool."  All of them are wearing your standard pair of hooker sweatpants...yeah you know, the glittery pair that says PINK all over the derrière and costs you an arm and a leg.  All I know is that in the 90s there were sponges, and puffy paint.  Just saying...

Any way, it made me consider how much I hate having the same stuff that everyone else has.  Granted, in Fort Wayne, Indiana it's not too difficult to stand out fashionably considering most wardrobes consist of your standard pair of Wrangler's and a NASCAR t-shirt but I simply hate when I get something new that I'm so excited about and then I see 3 people with the same thing - the nerve!  

Well, when it comes to gadget accessories I am always searching for something that makes me stand out as individual.  I'll pass on the bedazzled cases or the branded cases (in my opinion, you are wasting a lot of money to prove something whom, I'm not sure) or even the bulky cases that swear to protect your device until the end of eternity.  Yawn.  Give me something fun and enticing that most people won't have.  Your accessories should show off your personality, not demonstrate that you are a brand freak or like too much glitter.  

I currently am rocking this Petunia iPhone case and I love it so much.  It's simple and elegant and it goes with everything.  It's bold without being BOLD and to be honest, I think the case protects my phone just as well as many of those other cases (otterbox anyone?).  I mean, if I dropped $50 on an ugly case, why not drop $35 on a case I actually like! 

As you probably already realize, I'm also a big fan of anything Kate Spade.  She is so clever and comes up with some really fun and retro designs.  Here is one of my favorites from her line: 

Kate Spade Word Search Case, $40

Kate Spade Ipad Sleeve, $50 

A little steep for your budget?  Sign up for e-mails and as a new customer you get 15% off on your first purchase!  Stock up and save!  

Want to show off your alma mater or sorority without overdoing it?  Check out Lilly Pulitzer for some fresh takes on sororities with their new sorority patterns.  I'm a huge fan of the Chi Omega print (Go Chi-O!) and have been contemplating a purchase for several months now...

Lilly Pulitzer Chi Omega Case, $28

And if those don't make you happy try making your own!  Nothing says is as unique as a one-of-a-kind piece - maybe you'll make it a business.  I hear Etsy calling...

Blake Lively - Celebrity Fashionista of the Month

In honor of her recent nuptials (kudos to you, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds!) it's hard to believe that Blake Lively has not graced us with her presence on the blog.  Let's face it, when Karl Lagerfield and Christian Louboutin think you're the 21st century version of Grace run with it.

It's her striking appearance that has allowed her to grace the presence of every fashion house's campaigns and spring runway shows...however, it's her charm that has won over the hearts of everyone who matters - including little old me.

Blake has definitely been the breakout star of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girls series, and it appears that she isn't going anywhere soon.  Ms. Lively (or Mrs. Reynolds...who knows what she is going by these days!) is gorgeous dressed up or dressed down...and her cellphone is definitely filled with the right contacts.  I definitely don't think we'll be seeing her on the Worst Dressed List any time soon...

Argan Oils and Balms - the Miracle Product for those dry months!

With the colder weather approaching and the lack of moisture in the air I can already feel my skin drying up...yuck!  I don't know about you, but there's absolutely nothing I hate more than dry, cracked skin.  Not only is it painful, unbecoming, and a mess (flakes - yay!) but it causes every lady to have to change up their beauty regiment.  However, don't you get tired of having to buy several products to cure the same thing?  You need something for your face, your body, your lips...that adds up fast!

Well, I recently came across a new product put out by supermodel Josie Maran's cosmetic line that was infused with Argan Oil.  If you're a nerd like me, you originally read the title wrong and were concerned to see a product with Argon (you know, that noble gas that's actually an asphyxiant...i.e not good) in it, but after I reread the title my nervousness subsided.  I decided to look into this "Argan" which is actually the name of the tree that the oil comes from in the land of Morocco.  Apparently it's liquid gold there, so I figured it couldn't be that bad...

While I am sometimes skeptical to buy a product endorsed by a celebrity, I have to admit that when it comes to beauty products I figure that models have probably seen their fair share and must have good idea of what works and what doesn't.  So, I decided to give a few of the products a try.  However, my favorite go to product is the Argan Oil Balm.

The balm is the perfect combination of soothing moisture without the greasy nature of some oils and lotions.  What I like best about it is that I can use it everywhere...I carry one with me in my purse to help my hands and elbows as well as my lips.  I also do a ritual before I go to bed where I make sure my feet, hands, and lips stay moisturized.  It's not cheap, but 6 months later I'm still on my first container of Argan Balm.  All-in-all, I'd say it's one of the best beauty investments I've ever made.

Argan Balm, $42,

And, if you're into the whole natural, organic, cruelty free, recycle thing...there's that too.  All of the products from the line are certified organic and made with love.  (No, says that).

So consider this your fair warning - stock up before it's too late.  Even though winter is a great time to...hide some of those imperfections, you never know when that Miami Beach trip is around the corner...always be prepared!

To New Beginnings and Boots Galore!

Hello my faithful friends and followers - it has been some time since our last discussion on the latest and greatest in fashion.

For those of you who know me personally, you know that 2012 has not exactly been my year.  My track record for hospital visits continued to grow (even out of state!) but lead to two medical diagnoses that were years in the making.  This in turn caused me to adjust my life and begin a gluten free lifestyle and focus more on being very health conscious...which has had its ups and downs.

However, the big shock came most recently when my husband of 2 years and I separated after an indiscretion on his behalf.

I have to admit, it's been a pretty dark year but I'm starting to see the possibilities that come with a fresh start...and there's certainly something that could use some revamping - my closet!  Over the last year, the medical visits and stress of every day life definitely put my fashion forward attitude on the bench for a few games - but now I'm ready to get back in and give myself the makeover I deserve.

I've always adored the classically chic look of a good pair of boots - seriously, they give any outfit a boost.  However, I have been cursed with these calves that any gymnast would envy...oh, and did I mention I'm probably 5'4" on a good day?  Basically, I'm not made for the look that I so envy on every lady with legs for days...grr!  Fortunately for me, the Fashion Gods and I were aligned for this fall season because shorter boots and shall I say, "booties" are back!  Thank YOU!  I might finally have a chance...

As you've probably already realized, I have great taste...which just happens to be very expensive as well.  I swear if there were a table of boots my favorite pair will always be the pair with a few more digits than I find necessary for my bank account.  Why do beautiful, supple, gorgeous boots have to be so darn expensive?

One brand of boots that I am always drawn to is Frye.  Seriously, this brand has got it all right...I mean, can you think of many brands that can combine a cowboy, classic, edgy style into one boot without you  thinking the boot has multiple personality disorder?  There's just one con...these boots are investment pieces.  If you're like me, you care for your closet like it's your first born child...and therefore you get a return.  For me, a classic boot is a good investment because I know I'll get my money's worth...but emphasis on the classic.  Here's one of the pairs I've got my eye on...

Frye Shirley Strappy Short Boot, $298

Here's the reason why I love these boots - not only are they unique but the possibilities are endless!  The color allows for combinations with most palletes, and the height and strap allows you to dress them up or down.  Whether you pair them with a dress, leggings, or jeans they are sure to make a statement.  I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.  If only there were like...half the price.  Sigh.  

When if comes to getting a good deal on a fashionable and trendy boot, I like to go for certain brands that I know won't break the bank - Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, and Big Buddha to name a few.  Normally these brands offer a selection of styles that will work for most wardrobes without causing you to miss a meal...or seven.  

Rocket Dog SoundOff Boot, $59

Big Buddha Willo Boot, $59.95

Madden Girl Prittyy Black Boot, $59.95

Nine West Smitten Boot, $99

And if you can't get those Frye boots out of your head like me, just wait until the end of the season...when the prices are slashed in half.  Let's face it...with the holidays coming up all I can think about are those fantastic sales - nothing like a good deal to get this Fashionista fired up!  

So hopefully you'll continue to join me on my fashion journey as I rediscover all of those items that I just can't live without...or at least not this season!