Celebrity Fashionista of the Month - Michelle Williams!

I've been a fan of Michelle's since she was climbing the ladder into adolescent filmmaker Dawson Leery's bedroom on everyone's favorite teen drama Dawson's Creek.  And while she's come a long way since the high school wild child, I must say that Ms. Williams has proved that you don't have to marry an A-list celebrity to hang with the big guns (ah hem Katie Holmes...).

Let's face it, Michelle's rise to stardom hasn't been an easy one.  However, even through the drama of a public romance, a child, and a death of your ex she has still come out on top and has earned roles in some of recent years most acclaimed pictures.  In fact, her recent role as Marilyn Monroe has been getting quite  a bit of Oscar buzz.  And even if she does lose to Meryl Streep (don't worry Michelle, it's a common occurrence that most actresses go through) at least she still looks amazing while doing so.

As many of us know, once you're on the top your wardrobe better match your new caliber status.  Therefore, it's no wonder that Ms. Williams has been looking absolutely delectable throughout awards season.  However, she still manages to look fabulous walking with little Matilda.  This is a single mom who knows what she is doing!

at the Critics Choice Awards 2012

channeling Marilyn in Vogue (breathtaking!) 

hanging with Matilda

at the Marilyn Premiere

Seriously, this girl has got some natural beauty to support those acting chops!  Keep is up Michelle - we need more talented, beautiful actresses like you!  

HANA Hair Dryer - a Must for EVERY Lady!

With the holidays recently over and the winter weather actually settling in (I was actually starting to believe in global warming...) it's likely that you're starting to wonder why you made that new years resolution to hit that gym boot camp class at 5am every morning.  Am I right?  Well, maybe there' s a way to revamp your look without all of that hard work...

When winter weather comes plowing in so does the dryness, and it sucks the life out of your skin and your hair!  Not to mention that the constant thrust of cold wind and a running nose can make your often just done locks look like you got in a fight with a weed whacker on the way out.  Seriously, when it comes to the winter blues...my hair is the last thing on my mind.

I always get tired of people telling me how nice my hair is.  My mother and my husband (who by the way, both have very short hair) are always begging me to wear my hair down or not to cut it.  But let's face it, for most of us time is of the essence and if you're a mom, a working lady, or both you certainly don't have hours on end to primp every morning.  That's one reason why I seem to always be stashing elastics everywhere! - in my purse, on my wrist, at my desk, in the car - you name it.  What may start out as a day to wear my hair down could quickly turn into a day to to wear it up.

To get back to my point, winter is the worst.  With the dry weather (and hence all that static) blow drying my hair doesn't even seem like an option.  Why bother if it's just going to look like I stuck my finger in a light socket or have hat hair all day?  I've tried just about every hair dryer out there and even with my genetically blessed hair (one of the few things I can't complain about) I just never seemed to be impressed.  Until now...

Recently, I came across the HANAair Professinal Hair Dryer on the Misikko website and I was impressed with what I had read...so I had to try it out for myself.

One of the things I love most about this hair dryer is that the thing works fast!  Even with my Chi hair dryer it would take me up to 10 minutes to blow dry my hair...and half the time I had worked up enough of a sweat that it wasn't even worthwhile!  The HANAair professional hair dryer comes with 2 fan speeds and 3 heats - and there is a noticeable difference!  I noticed I was able to dry my hair in approximately 5 minutes.  And the best part?  Even with my ionic heat that the Chi produced I still always had to run a straightener through my hair after already drying my hair - just another annoying, hair damaging step.  Not with the HANAair - my hair was super shiny and soft.  I have to say that I was shocked...I had no idea that a hair dryer could make so much of a difference.

I also recommend the HANA hair shine shield thermal protectant that is specially formulated to work with these products.  It's just a small enhancement to ensure that when you are using your blow dryer or other heated styling product that you're not doing any more damage than necessary.  If you have dry hair ladies - this is for you!  My hair looks so shiny and healthy without being greasy.

Lastly, I have to say that I've found a new favorite beauty and hair website in Misikko.  With free shipping over $75, some of the best package prices on the internet, and not to mention super packaging with free goodies you can not beat what this place has to offer.  Personally, I'm already saving up for a new straightener and curling wand.  Check out their selection - and start your wish list now!

Flat Irons

Curling Irons and Wands

So if you see me this summer, I may not be 10lbs lighter; however, my hair will be looking FABULOUS!  Can't wait!