Bohemian Chic

Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore are jumping around in Hollywood because one of their favorite, laid back, and easy styles is all the rage right now - Bohemian!

The Bohemian style is all about light fabrics, neutral colors, and loose silhouettes.  You basically want to look like you just threw a bunch of stuff together and somehow managed to look fabulous.  It's an easy natural style that brings out that mother nature in all of us.

In one of their latest lookbooks, Shopbop has composed 6 different bohemian inspired looks and they haven't left anything out!  Here are my three favorites...and don't forget to visit the site for the others!

Memorial Day Weekend - A Shopaholic's Dream

Memorial Day weekend is known for several things - a day to remember those who have fought for our country's freedom, an extra day off of work, and sales galore!  In the strangeness of the fashion world, Memorial Day is a time for retail chains and designers to get rid of their spring and summer collections and start moving in product for the fall.  By July, bathing suits and sandals will be replaced with parkas and boots.  Strange, but true.

Here are some of the best sales I've found this weekend - most ending tomorrow night.  Take advantage while you have the chance!

  • Cole Haan
    • Save $50 on orders of at least $250 and $100 on over $400+ (in stores and online)
  • J.Crew Factory
    • Up to 50% off and free shipping online (at factory stores too) 
  • Bloomingdales
    • Save 50% on fine jewelry and an extra 20% off sale items (code BIGSALE)
  • Macys
    • Extra 15% off your purchase (in stores and online) and free shipping
  • Gap
    • Memorial Day Event - up to 50% off
  • Nordstrom
    • Half Yearly Sale for Women and Kids
  • Ann Taylor
    • Extra 40% off sale items 
  • The Loft
    • Extra 50% off sale items 
  • Banana Republic 
    • 30% off your entire purchase
  • Piperlime
    • 40% off select summer favorites 
So don't waste any more time and get shopping!

Monthly Favorite - the Sleeveless Button Up

When it starts to get warmer it gets harder to look professional on the job or for special occasions when all you want to put on is a sweatshirt.  That's why I love that this season sleeveless button ups are in and easy to find!

Another reason why I like the sleeveless button up is that it's versatile.  It's hard to find a sleeveless top that you can wear to work - especially if your a little chesty.  I end up having to wear a cami underneath the blouse and a jacket or cardigan over the blouse that it ends up being a huge pain and I'm just as hot as I was before!

One of the ones that I've seen lately that I love is this Patterson J. Kincaid beauty.  It's shear and airy allowing for a great, breathable silhouette.

Patterson J. Kincaid Kayla Sleeveless Top

Great stores for these classic pieces are J.Crew, Gap, and Banana Republic.  You can guess that there classic chic style is perfect for this easy style.  I love this Military Tunic from J.Crew.  The tie cinches the waist and creates a slimming silhouette.  

J.Crew Military Tunic, $59.50

Or for something a bit more professional try this Banana Republic top.  I love the feminine touch of the ruffled shoulders!

Silk Swiss Dot Blouse, $69.50

Verstaile, Fresh, and Airy...and hopefully less sweat on those warm summer days!  

Looks for the Mommy-to-be

I don't know why, but lately it seems like every time I log on to facebook or hear from a friend someone else I know is pregnant!  And while I'm happy for all of your moms-to-be about the only way I can relate to you is through fashion.  I don't know if it's because I've been on the lookout or what, but it seems like some major stores and fashion lines are emerging with a maternity line - and some of these looks are much better than you might think...

One line that has some great dresses and tops for the professional mommy-to-be is the Loft.  I love so many of the dresses that they offer - for affordable prices and materials that look so soft and sleek.  You may even be able to pull them off after you deliver!

Ruffle Dress, $64.50

Maternity Smocked Hem Top, $34.50

Gap has it's own line too with some of their classic looks now for mommies.  

Cowlneck Racerback Tank, $29.50

Even some premium jean companies over maternity jeans.  They're a little expensive, but if you can always hand them down or ebay them later on.  Not to mention that if you don't have a good pair of jeans your wardrobe will be hurting!  

COH Kelly Maternity Jeans, $180

Even department stores like Nordstrom have a great selection - and the best news is that it always seems to be going on sale!  Jackpot!  So while I'm not encouraging any of you ladies who aren't pregnant to go out and get pregnant just because there are some fabulous fashion options out there, at least you know where to find them now!  The one downside?  Everything is mostly you may have to rely on free return shipping if you don't like what you see.  

The One-Handed Lipstick

I think every woman has put on lipstick in the car at one time or another.  This normally simple task turns into a disaster when you lose the cap or drop the lipstick on your khakis.  So that's why I am in love with the new Guerlain Automatique Lipstick.

First of all, Guerlain is a great brand for quality products with a twist.  They always seem to be coming out with a cutting edge design that makes their products better than the rest.

The Automatique Lipstick has a gliding switch that flips open the top so that you can apply the lipstick with one hand - and don't have to worry about getting color any place else but your lips!

Automatique Lipstick, $35

It's a little pricey, but as long as don't leave it in the car you should be able to use it for quite some time! 

The Latest in UV Protection!

The "sun-kissed" phenomenon is at an all time high!  I can't say that I'm not guilty of this...there's something about a slightly bronzed skin that seems to make you look healthier and thinner.

However, in recent years so much has come out about UV protection that everyone seems to be walking the fine line of wanting the tan, but not wanting the skin cancer. are some of the latest and greatest in getting the glow without the risk!

Studies have shown that one of the things people hate the most about sunscreen is how it feels.  Many have tried the spray on versions, but many have wondered if you're actually able to cover certain areas and get as much as you need.  That's why I was excited to see the new Sunscreen wipes.  That's right, a wipe filled with all of the SPF 30 you need without the mess and the hassle!

Supergoop Wipes, $34 for 40 wipes

We also have the people who run to the spray tans.  Now for some people who already have a base this works out.  However, if you don't know what you're doing this can turn out very badly!  There are a few options to gradually give yourself the glow without going overboard.  

The Temptu Airbrush system offers a summer skin kit that allows you to properly prep skin and has a specific injector for face.  

Temptu Summer Skin Collection, $75

Or for an all over glow try the Lorac self tanner application.  People are reviewing about this new system  that gradually self tans the skin without a fake appearance.  Additionally, it captures your natural pigments to ensure that you have a natural glow and it won't go all orange in your dryer spots.  

Lorac selfTANtalizer, $34

So just remember - there's nothing wrong with looking bronzed...but when you look like Snooki, you have a problem! 

Monthly Favorite - the Messenger Bag

I've always loved the messenger bag.  It's the perfect bag for travel, business, and personal use.  If you find the right one, you can compartmentalize it as well.  Normally there are pockets on the outside or inside that allow you to throw in your lipgloss or necessities, your mobile device (or devices for me...), your laptop, and a book or a magazine.  Heck, some women even opt for a messenger bag as a diaper bag!

Linen fabrics are so popular this season, so it's no surprise that many messenger styles have emerged with the neutral colors and airiness that it provides.  I love this updated Cole Haan version.  It's seasonless and classic - meaning that you will get a ton of use out of it!

Cole Haan Varick Messenger Bag, $348 

And of course there are so many edgy styles to the updated messenger style.  In fact - some of these pieces don't even look like messenger bags!  Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite bag designers, and I love this leather and hardware that she's put on this piece.  Amazing!  

Rebecca Minkoff Main Squeeze Messenger, $395

And of course there's the mini messenger bag for the woman who wants a smaller version of this fashion favorite!  

Bryna Nicole Square Mini Messenger Bag, $231

You can never have enough bags...

Sunglasses - 1 for every day of the week!

I am such a sunglass glutton - I can't get enough of them!  They are the one accessory that you need all year long and have the ability to take your favorite beach look to the next level.  Here are 7 of my favorites - buy one or all!  

Ray Ban Wayfarers - This 80s classic came back a few years ago and has been shielding the eyes of celebrities everywhere.  We used to always make fun of my brother for continuing to wear his pair from the 80s...of course, he's the one who's laughing now...

Tom Ford Jennifer  - Tom Ford (who used to work for Gucci) is a creative genius.  The Jennifer is such a great shape for anyone.  It's a take on his popular Whitney style but isn't so overwhelming!  Which celebrity is always spotted wearing this style?  Miss Jennifer Aniston, of course!  

Bvlgari 8079B - I am OBSESSED with the jewel detail on the side of these frames.  I'm usually not fond of "bling" but I think this is a great look.  I love the contrast of the black and emerald on the side!  

Tory Burch TY7012 - This is one of those frames that looks fabulous on everyone!  I also love that it is available in very chic olive, burgundy, and navy frames.  It's got a classic shape with a slight cat eye - gorgeous! 

Tom Ford William - Aviators are a huge hit this season and the gradient lenses on these pair create a great illusion.  The best part?  These are unisex - share them with the love in your life!   

Prada 57LS - I've always wanted to be able to pull off shield sunglasses and have never succeeded (thanks round face) - however, when you can pull them off they look fabulous!  Prada excels in this style and I like this pair a lot! 

Gucci GC3162S - Looking for something a little 60s?  Try this oversized take on a cat eye.  You're going to have to be a confident gal to pull these off!

So the next time you pass the sunglass section, try a few on...or all of them.  You never know until you play dress up!  

Real Housewives - Celebrity Designers Gone Bad

Okay - I don't like to be a "hater" but this Real Housewives of "Insert Major City Name" wannabe designer trend is really starting to get old.  It's not like any of them start out as designers...they just start designing when:

  1. Their house goes into foreclosure
  2. They get divorced from their 3rd husband 
  3. Some other housewife has done it so why not jump in on the fun 

Of all of the "Real Housewives" I have to say that the cast of Orange County is the worst!  These ladies always emerge with a glamorous lifestyle with 10 cars, 3 houses, and every Louis bag on the shelves - only for us to find out that they are filing for bankruptcy months later!  I have to say that one of the worst cases of "sudden designer fever" came from Orange County's Alexis Bellino.  It's basically lingerie you wear to the grocery store - for over $300!  Thanks but no thanks...

Cindarella's Slipper Dress, $319 (yes, that is how the dress name is spelled) 

And who could forget Sheree Whitfield?  The designer without any designs!  Since the first season of Real Housewives Atlanta, Sheree has been trying to overcome the financial blues from her divorce by "designing" clothing lines.  After two fashion shows (one of which actually had clothes) Sheree has moved onto know, a pretty stable career to fall back on. 

Sheree Whitfield 

Perhaps the only semi-success story is Gretchen Rossi's handbag line.  This Orange County lady jumped from real estate, to senior citizen dating, to handbag and cosmetic expert!  What a career!  Her Gretchen Christine Collection handbags are mostly sold out on her online store and feature bags and clutches from $100-$300.  I'm still not sold, but kudos to her!  

And lastly, who could forget NYC's Ramona Singer's jewelry line?  Although it's a little "Mary Kay party" for her "high end friends" the line has been successful and offers affordable pieces with a high end look.  It's probably the only line I would consider buying because it does offer some nice designs that look high end without the high end price tag. 

And of course, if you don't want to put in all of that effort you could always just put some crystals on a t-shirt with your name on it that say, "Team Insert Name."  Those never get old.  If nothing else, hopefully you've picked out some good business advice: marry a pro-athlete or "entrepreneur" with a "stable" income, rack up all of your credit cards to appear glamorous, have 2 kids (and 4 nannies), and then start a clothing line when it all goes to the birds!  

Of course, I can't stop watching it...

Monthly Favorite - Colorful Bottoms

Now don't be confused, I don't want you to paint your rear end or go to the tanning bed and get scorched - I just want you to add a little color to your jeans or pants!  Fortunately, there are lots of options for those of you who want to go bold, or for some of us who want something more subtle.

Your stature definitely affects how you can wear this trend.  If you are tall - go all out!  You can wear red trouser pants like the Alice + Olivia pair below.  Pair them with a simple black top and nude colored shoes.  Everyone will be chatting about how sophisticated you look - very Jackie O!

Alice + Olivia High Waist Wide Leg Pants

I've always loved the tuxedo pant trend but with my short legs it usually ends up looking like I'm 5 and trying to wear my mom's clothes around the house - not pretty!  That's why I almost always have to go for a very tailored fitted straight leg pant.  In many cases these are ankle pants on people, but for me they are normally the perfect length!  I love this Jenni Kayne style.  

Jenni Kayne Straight Leg Pants $295 

And of course for you skinny legged ladies (who I despise - just kidding!) you can go for the cigarette style.  I love this light yellow look from J.Brand.  It makes me think of Grease or something the Pink Ladies would wear!  

J. Brand 11" Ankle Skinny Jeans, $172

Just remember to let the pants do the work and pair them with simple tops.  You will look incredible!

The Spring Coat

Isn't it frustrating to look for that perfect spring coat that is both comfortable, light, functional, and fashionable.  It seems like it's quite possibly the hardest piece in your closet to fill and you end up with a bunch of light jackets that you forget about and never wear.  I have a bunch of those.

But that's besides the point.  Here are some options that I believe fulfill all of the criteria for the perfect spring jacket...and with most of them hitting the sale racks at this point in the season, it's the optimal opportunity to pick one up.

Ahh...the cinching of the waist - magnifique!
Joie Harlow Safari Jacket, $173.60

Vince Camuto Asymmetrical Belted Jacket, $59.90

Sanctuary Lino Jacket, $120.50

Aryn K. Military Jacket, $68.99

Free People Military Platoon Jacket, $82.99

And at these prices you could even buy 2...or 3...

Occasion Outfitting - the Summer Wedding is in the air.  And if you're like me the newness wears off as soon as you realize - "Great, I have to buy a new outfit."  My mom always laughs at this - but let's face it...when your same circle of friends is always getting married and you have 5 weddings in one summer you don't want to wear the same outfit to all of them.  With technology these days even poor Kate Middleton has been ripped to pieces in tabloids for wearing the same DVF skirt several times.  We call that normal, but when you're getting your picture taken apparently it's a no-no.

Well here are three looks I've come up with for the perfect wedding get up.  All at different values.  Hopefully one of them will tickle your fancy or will give you the inspiration to dredge through the dressing rooms and find that weekend get up!

Under $500

Nanette Lepore Ruffled Dress, $348 (nordstrom)

Tinley Road Liam Shoe, $34.50 - sale (piperlime)

SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Clutch, $46 (piperlime)

Kate Spade Gum Drop Stud, $38

Spring Street Design Group Adjustable Statement Ring, $18

Total: $484.50 (+tax)

Under $250

Lilly Pullitzer Emily Crew Dress - $98

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Life Long Bond, $59 (piperlime)

Cara Accessories Colored Stone Bangle, $28 (nordstrom)

Tinley Road Flower Stud Earring, $16.00 (piperlime)

Shireleah Devon Clutch, $16.99 (target)

Total: $217.99 (+tax)

Under $100

Women's Cross-Front Babydoll Dress, $13.99

Strappy Leatherette Cone Heels, $26.80 (forever21)

Cluster Collar Necklace, $12.80 (forever21)

Cascading Earrings, $4.80 (forever21)

Textured Bangle Set, $4.80 (forever21)

Patent Croco Flat Clutch, $11.80 (forever21)

Total: 74.99 (+ tax)

So as you can see, it's more than possible to look fabulous at any summer feat on any budget - promise!