Real Housewives - Celebrity Designers Gone Bad

Okay - I don't like to be a "hater" but this Real Housewives of "Insert Major City Name" wannabe designer trend is really starting to get old.  It's not like any of them start out as designers...they just start designing when:

  1. Their house goes into foreclosure
  2. They get divorced from their 3rd husband 
  3. Some other housewife has done it so why not jump in on the fun 

Of all of the "Real Housewives" I have to say that the cast of Orange County is the worst!  These ladies always emerge with a glamorous lifestyle with 10 cars, 3 houses, and every Louis bag on the shelves - only for us to find out that they are filing for bankruptcy months later!  I have to say that one of the worst cases of "sudden designer fever" came from Orange County's Alexis Bellino.  It's basically lingerie you wear to the grocery store - for over $300!  Thanks but no thanks...

Cindarella's Slipper Dress, $319 (yes, that is how the dress name is spelled) 

And who could forget Sheree Whitfield?  The designer without any designs!  Since the first season of Real Housewives Atlanta, Sheree has been trying to overcome the financial blues from her divorce by "designing" clothing lines.  After two fashion shows (one of which actually had clothes) Sheree has moved onto know, a pretty stable career to fall back on. 

Sheree Whitfield 

Perhaps the only semi-success story is Gretchen Rossi's handbag line.  This Orange County lady jumped from real estate, to senior citizen dating, to handbag and cosmetic expert!  What a career!  Her Gretchen Christine Collection handbags are mostly sold out on her online store and feature bags and clutches from $100-$300.  I'm still not sold, but kudos to her!  

And lastly, who could forget NYC's Ramona Singer's jewelry line?  Although it's a little "Mary Kay party" for her "high end friends" the line has been successful and offers affordable pieces with a high end look.  It's probably the only line I would consider buying because it does offer some nice designs that look high end without the high end price tag. 

And of course, if you don't want to put in all of that effort you could always just put some crystals on a t-shirt with your name on it that say, "Team Insert Name."  Those never get old.  If nothing else, hopefully you've picked out some good business advice: marry a pro-athlete or "entrepreneur" with a "stable" income, rack up all of your credit cards to appear glamorous, have 2 kids (and 4 nannies), and then start a clothing line when it all goes to the birds!  

Of course, I can't stop watching it...


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