Crochet - Not just for your Grandma or Cat Lady

I have to admit that I kind of giggled to myself when I thought of my clever title.  No offense to you grandmas or cat ladies - we love each and every one of you in your own quirky way, but let's be honest...crocheting hasn't always had the best wrap.  I once took a interest in knitting and quit shortly thereafter.  Let's face it, some of us were just meant to buy the overpriced version at the store.  Hence, my May Favorite!

Crocheted pieces have been emerging on all of the runways - and some of them are as chic as they get.  I tend to go for intricate detailing and bright colors - so I love that this "hobby" has showed up in stores this season.

I love this dramatic Milly dress.  The brand Milly is so fabulous and luxurious - it's got that 60s and 70s flare while still being tailored and fitted.  One of my favorite aspects of this trend is that when you go bold - keep it simple with the accessories!  Pull out a classic pair of heels or sandals and a simple pair of studs - you're ready to go!

Milly Tangier Dress, $595

I also love this twenty8twelve vest.  Too bad I have a chest - b/c if I had more demure breasts (or mosquito bites as members of my family have been known to call them) I would totally rock this look!

Twenty8Twelve Amelie Crochet Vest, $270 

Not ready for something so bold?  No problem!  Head to accessories for a touch of this trend.  Here are a few of my faves!

Unleashed Juliette Crochet Ballet Flats, $110

Free People We the Free Crochet Top, $88

Just don't go overboard...we don't want you to look like your grandmother's afghan now!  

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