Celebrity Fashionista of the Month - Reese Witherspoon

Let's face it - it was only a matter of time before Reese Witherspoon graced the blog as Celebrity Fashionista of the Month.  However, with a huge blockbuster in theaters, a recent marriage, and making us all believe that our 30s can still be glamorous - May 2011 seemed like the perfect month to spotlight this leading lady.

One thing that I admire about Reese is that she has always seemed to be secure in her body - and her personal style reflects that.  Unlike many other women in her field, Reese rarely changes her look - unless it's for an upcoming role.  She is always sporting her gorgeous blonde locks, an outfit that screams 'Oh this, I just threw it together', and of course her two fashionable children Ava and Deacon by her side.

I've always been a fan of Reese, but she has come a long way since her days as a "teen movie" actress (although Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde are classics).  Recently, in Water for Elephants, she is looking as stunning as ever in period piece outfits that make us all want to work for the circus!  Every time I see a preview for this movie I think, "man I hope I look as good as she does with 2 kids, a new marriage, and a crazy schedule!"  I don't know how she does it, but she is always looking fabulous.

Reese seems to collect fashionable looks from mainstream chains and some of the hottest fashion labels in town.  I love how she combines some of these affordable items with higher end pieces to create a look that many fashionable ladies try to emulate.  However, Reese is the girl that we all envy - she looks fabulous in jeans and a tee, yet can ramp it up for a night on the red carpet in floor grazing gowns and jewels worth more than my retirement fun will be.

I have to say, that if I could raid any celebrity's closet, Reese would certainly be in my top 5.  With all of the drama in her life, she certainly never lets her style falter - and you never see her on the worst dressed list.

So here's to Reese - there were many times in her career where we all thought - is she really a great actress?  Can she overcome her failed marriage?  Can she balance family life?  And the answer is - yes, yes, and YES!  Reese still manages to be an amazing mother, a respected actress, and a fashionable vixen.  Don't let that smile fool you - this girl is here to do business!

XOXO, Allison


  1. I've always said if I could look like any celebrity it would have to be...Reese!!! She's gorgeous and has such a timeless look! Good choice! :)

  2. Reese has always been one of my favorites! A very classy lady!