To the 2014 Graduates..

It's true; I never got to give a commencement speech and I'm still a bit bitter about it.  However, as I approach my 10 year hs reunion and my 6 year college graduation anniversary, what I really wish is that someone had given me the advice I'm about to give you all (yes, the 3 people that read this blog.  Thank you.)

Baby Don't Rush....
My entire life had been one goal gearing up for another larger goal:
  • do well in high school to get into good college (check)
  • do well in college to get into good medical school or get good job (check)
  • be filthy rich and enjoy life (not so much...)
Let's face it, it's basically impossible to plan out every aspect of your life.  This took me a very long time to figure out.  The first few years out of college were very confusing for me.  I wanted to live like a baller and ignore all of the other responsibilities that came with being a grown up.  
I felt the pressure of all of my friends getting married and starting their lives...and a few friends got married, had kids, and stopped working shortly thereafter.  All of the sudden I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to do...
 The fact of the matter is that there is no "syllabus" for life; just because you don't find the right guy in college doesn't mean you should settle just because your best friend is getting married.  And if you can't afford a new car or that fancy purse you've been eying...don't do it.   The only thing worse than buyers remorse is that monthly bill that keeps knocking at your door for 60 months...
 Live a Little...
One of my biggest regrets after graduation is that I was so ready to start making money that I missed out on the trip of a lifetime with some of my sorority sisters backpacking around Europe.  Sure...I bet there would have been a few hiccups along the way, but I really wish I had been a bit more adventurous.  I told myself that I only wanted to do the traveling if I could do it in style...but at this rate...that will be in about 50 years...and I'm not sure how stylish 70 y.o. Americans in Europe are, but I'm guessing my odds (and my legs) would have been better at 22. 
It's important to start saving soon, but also take time for fun trips.  Let's face it, it takes years to build up that vacation time - which is why you should definitely take advantage of the holiday time you do have off.  My first year out of college I made sure to spend all of my holidays with friends who had chosen to live in more exciting destinations than myself.  All a good vacay needs is good friends, good fun, and good wine :)
Give Yourself a Break...
About 6 months into working life, I had a full on tantrum about how much life sucked.  Way more of my money was going to bills/rent/etc. then I deemed acceptable.  I was angry.  I mean, as the low man on the pole, I was dealt a lot of the "technical writing" challenges which I had only spend 10 weeks in school covering.  Where was the lab work?  The DOEs?  HELP ME.  
I remember coming home one night and telling my mom about all of this bullshit.  How I could have just gotten an English degree after all!  The fact is that sometimes a job is not all you think it's going to be...and once you're a full timer the charade is up. 
So, what do you do?  Well, if you're like me...I did an assessment and thought maybe it was the field.  Or maybe it was the company.  So I left the company I was with only to find that the grass wasn't always greener.  The thing is, you have to put your time in.  However, once you've proven yourself over a year or two - don't be afraid to come to your supervisor or mentor and explain to them how you are feeling and what you are looking for.  A great supervisor will help you find a job within the company that meets your needs; in fact, I'm a huge fan of the rotational programs that more companies are becoming accustomed to.  Companies invest in you just as much as you invest in them - they would rather keep good employees and make them happy versus starting over with a new hire.  If that discussion doesn't go well...look elsewhere.  
 And if you really hate your job and feel like you've covered all of the possible scenarios...consider a career change.  However, do your homework.  You've seen how much the investment is to getting one degree..starting over can be pretty intimidating.  
And you know what?  If you're not a manager or a director or a CEO by the time you're 30...join the club!  Most of those people have earned that position after many years of hard work and lots of experience.  Here's the way I look at it: do you really want that title if you're not prepared for the responsibility?  Why rush when you could possible have the same opportunity in a year or two with even more experience.  A title means very little...and it shouldn't define who you are as an employee.  

So at the end of the day...try to find something positive about your job - even if it's just a paycheck.  And...just remember that most colleges have at least one time a year when you are allowed to act like a College Idiot all over again...HOMECOMING :) 

What's In My Bag?

One of my favorite bits in US Weekly is the "What's in My Bag?" piece.  I'm always looking for new ideas for things I have to carry in my bag, and I must say some of my beauty favorites have been found in this article.  So...I know share with you what's in my bag.  Reader...beware

My turquoise Botkier has seen better days - but I just love the color and style!  I got it over 2 years ago and it is starting to show...the seams are starting to rip on the crossbody strap.  Honestly, I'm so attached I may look into a repair shop to save my precious!  

Techno Geek: I've basically always got my iPhone with me...and I love this owl case that one of my besties customized for me.  It reminds me of my Chi Omega sisters!  

Summer Shades: Before they made a comeback, my older brother was always reppin' the Wayfarers.  I have to admit I love the classic style with the modern spin of all of the shades.  This Olive Rubberized pair is my ole standby.  

Memberships Out the...: I love a great deal, but I hate how every place makes you carry a "card" around now.  As you can see, I'm a clutch wallet gal, so when it became overwhelming I picked up this bright Tory Burch card case to keep all of my memberships sorted.  Honestly, I couldn't take the disorganization.  

Traveling Lady: I honestly hate carrying my Passport around, but I still haven't updated it to my maiden name.  Ugh.  It does come in handy though when I forget that I still have some things in my married name (like my college graduate program...whoops).  

All in One Gadgets: My mom thought it was so weird when I asked for a Swiss Army Card for Christmas one year but I use it ALL of the time.  It has a great pair of scissors, nail file, a pin, and even a has come in handy on multiple occasions.  

A wee bit Lippy: I must carry at least 3 lip treatments at one time.  I love the Fresh brand Sugar gloss for overall shine, and my new favorite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay lipstick.  It has great pigment with shea butter so it never cracks.  

Smelling Good on the Run: I love that fragrances have come out will rollerball versions.  It's a great way to sample a scent you're still not 100% about and is the perfect size for travel.  Now I always smell like roses.  

So there you have it...that's "What's in my Bag" at this moment.  And of course some fall, we'll have to change it up! 

Summer Song Superlatives

This blog encompasses my favorite things; so, why not compile a list of my summer music predictions with one of my favorite Tonight Show bits.  Let the list begin...

Most Likely to be this summer's anthem...
Calvin Harris "Summer"
You know how last summer in May you were jamming to "Blurred Lines" like you couldn't get enough of it?  Well...come August Mr. Robin Thicke had worn out his welcome. 

I have a feeling that's how DJ Calvin Harris's track "Summer" is going to pan out for Summer 2014.  It's kind of like looking at someone's online dating profile...they look really great online, but then...

Most Likely to be the song you won't admit you know...
Iggy Azalea, "Fancy"
Face it.  The song is catchy.  I mean, I catch myself walking around the house saying, "I'm so fancy" about 30 times a day.  It makes it a little more okay that Jimmy Fallon did this song in his lip sync battle, right?

Most Likely to be the guy in every song this summer...
Sam Smith 
Move over Pitbull!  There's a new guy in town and he is sending every song he's on to the top of the charts!  Even if you don't know his name you probably know some of the songs he's on...and trust me, this guy has got chops.  Finally, a guy who doesn't liken taking a girl home and "getting it in" to a tree falling down (Timber, anyone?) 

Album most likely to make you go, "Who is this?"...
Coldplay "Ghost Stories" 
Coldplay's upcoming album, "Ghost Stories" is as haunting as its namesake.  Gone are the rock n rolls sounds from the last few albums, and back is the chilling tone of Chris Martin that we all know and love.  The song Midnight is my personal favorite...

Song most likely to make you love instrumental...
Lindsey Stirling, "Shatter Me" 
Don't worry, this isn't your mom and dad's version of Beethoven's 8th Symphony.  Lindsey Stirling is showing the industry that with an electronic flare, instrumental music can top the charts.  

Song most likely to put her on the map...
Sia, "Chandelier" 
Sia is no newbie to the music industry...but for whatever reason, most of her stateside fame is attributed to being featured on other artists songs.  Well, "Chandelier" is proof that this chick is too good to be backing up anyone.  

Song most likely to confuse you...
Lana Del Ray, "West Coast" 
Honestly Lana, are you indie?  are you retro? WHAT GENRE ARE YOU?  Well, West Coast proves Ms. Del Ray can't be labeled...and something tells me that's just the way she wants it...

Album most like to plummet him to stardom...
Ray Lamontagne, "Supernova" 
Ray has been part of the underground music following for over a decade, with songs like "Trouble" being sung by the likes of many music contestants.  However, "Supernova" has an easy feel that is just perfect for summer.  It's a rarity because you can actually listen to the whole album...however I'm partial to "She's the one" 

So if that doesn't get you geared up for summer I'm not sure what will...however, I'm sure come August we'll all be ready for some fresh tunes.