Beach Baby - Old Navy Accessories for Fun in the Sun!

Recently a few friends and I received the opportunity from Old Navy's Style Council to peruse our local store for the latest and greatest in beach accessories.  Not only were we supposed to critique the selection and like ability of the line, but we also got to take some goodies home.  It was a great day, and I just couldn't wait to show you what we found...

Sarah (below) has an easy breezy bohemian meets romantic style mixed in with a little boldness.  As you can see, she is an accessory queen!  So, this task was made for her.  I love the oversized sunglasses she chose - they are bold and are actually navy blue!  Not everyone can pull that style off...  I'm also a big fan of the bag she chose.  On the hanger I wasn't so fond of it, but we all agreed it grew on us in outside in the light (plus it looks great with her dress).  And how could you forget Old Navy's staple flip flops?  Sarah went with bright pink...definitely a fun shade!

Vic has a very classic taste with an edge.  I love that the accessories she chose actually go well with her current outfit...except for the crossbody bag.  One downfall to our "take home certificate" was that you were unable to take home any items on clearance and it just so happened that most of their beach bags were just that...on clearance.  We originally opted for straw totes like the one below, but she ended up having to go with the woven crossbody in the picture.

In the end, the crossbody may be more functional for nights on the town, but not quite as beauty!

And of course I can't forget my picks.  My style could probably be described as simple with a twist.  I adore bold prints but prefer to pair them with pieces that can be mixed and matched with just about anything.  I went for this fun chevron beach towel, woven hobo, and neutral sunglasses.  All of these items (besides the beach towel) are probably pieces I wouldn't normally pick out at a higher end store - which is what makes Old Navy so great because you can take more of a risk without the blow to your wallet.  

But since I hate to rub it in that we had such a great time finding all of these goodies, I can't leave my readers empty handed.  So...if you want to win the bag below just comment on this post as to why you should receive it!  Winner will be announced on July 1st.  And in the mean time, check out Old Navy for some great buys in summer attire and accessories.  

Taking Care of your Pairs - the best stuff for denim!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out Woolite's Extra Dark Care detergent through Crowdtap.  (Side bar, but if you haven't joined this site yet - please do.  You get to network with some awesome brands and try the latest and greatest stuff for free!)  Any way, Woolite has been campaigning recently about the Extra Dark Care detergent and how great it is for preserving your favorite denim!

As I've mentioned before, denim is one of those investment pieces that when you find the right fit - you've got to get them.  I have $20 to $200 jeans...but if they are my favorite I want to wear them forever!

My latest pair is this super comfy pair of Jag Jeans.  What I love the most about this denim is that they are casual enough for the weekend, but are professional looking so that I can wear them to work.  Part of the reason for that is the awesome wash - which is dark enough to create a perfectly slimming silhouette.

So in comes Woolite Extra Dark Care.  Since I had the free sample, I figured I should make use of it.  And...I was pleasantly surprised to see the results.  Where I normally get some run out or areas where the dye is no longer consistent, my jeans looked brand spanking new.  A little bit goes a long way!  

If you're like me, Woolite is an expensive product, and you only want to invest if something works.  Well, this is the stuff!  If you really love your denim, you need to pick up some Woolite Extra Dark Care.  And...I have a few extra samples the first 3 people to comment on this post will get a free sample of the Woolite Extra Dark Care!  Then you can pass on the good news - that this stuff keeps your darks looking well....dark!