More Bang for my Buck!

Okay, so say what you want...I know that I have expensive taste.  I think that I have heard the phrase, "you have champagne taste on a beer budget" at least once a month in my life.  Mostly...from my parents and now my husband.  I can't help it, I enjoy the finer things in life.  However, I have found the most perfect way to beat the system - ebay!  Now, I have to admit that I have had a few bad experiences as an ebayer...mostly from the buyer end.  So many sellers tend to list photos of items that show a size 2 dress when the ad says you're looking at a 10.  I mean...let's be honest, if you see a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag that is sold out in stores for $'s FAKE!  I'm 100% sure of that.  You can try to convince me all you want, but once you have the can tell the difference.  Now, I could care less if you carry around a fake bag - to each his own.  But let me tell you how you can enjoy the luxury and perhaps profit from it in the end...

Above is the Marc Jacobs Stam bag.  It's been a hit for a few years now and it's been seen on the wrist of pretty much every celebrity you can think of.  I was lucky enough to find this bag for a huge deal online 2 years ago (my first year getting a pay check...i.e. the one year of my life I had money!) online for $950 at net-a-porter.  The retail is $ it was a pretty big deal.  And before some of you think I am mad...keep reading.  I carried this bag around for probably 3 months.  It was great and I loved it.  However, in a few months, the newness had worn off and I wanted a new purse.  So, I put this one away.  I carried it a few times after that but this fall I realized that it wasn't getting any love and decided to sell it on eBay.  I listed the purse on my site.  Fortunately, eBay allows you to have an about me page, so I tell people that I don't sell items for a business, they all come out of my they are authentic.  Well, I posted this bag for a reasonable price - a buy it now of $825.00.  I noted that I had carried the bag for a few months but that it had no damage and I had all of the original paper work.  This is the best way for buyers to feel better about a purchase on something like this that it is often replicated.  Keep EVERYTHING!  Well...the bids started coming in and once my reserve price (the min price I was willing to sell for) was met...the buy it now went away.  Now get this - I sold the bag for $875.  Therefore, I ended up spending $75 on a $1350 bag!  It's way better than bag, borrow, or steal!

I mean...every once in awhile you will come across a bag that you feel like you have to keep!...but usually, unless you are an avid collector and like lots of options, things are no longer "in" and you have to throw out the old.  Well...this is the best way that I can find to justify upgrading!

So, I say to you ladies (and men) - clean out your closets!  You never know where you have $20, $100, or even $1000 laying around.  Maybe it will fill up your gas tank one week, or pay for your next massage...either way - it's lucrative!

Here are my final tips:

  • Use delivery confirmation - it will save your butt if someone tries to say they didn't receive an item
  • Only upload 1-2 images of an item to save money on listing the item - if someone wants more detailed photos tell them to ask you and you can e-mail them
  • Be Honest - if you have a blemish, a rip, or a tear on something tell someone.  That way you will maintain good feedback.  If you can document the "defect" that's even better!
  • Start Low - if you've never purchased on ebay before...than you may not realize the bidding wars people get into.  If you want to make a certain amount on something, set the reserve price.  However, if you are just selling a pair of jeans...start it at $5 or $'d be surprised how fast it will go to $50!  
  • Be fair on shipping - To entice buyers, many sellers offer free shipping or flat shipping.  Try to be fair.  If it's only going to cost you $10 than charge $10.  And always ask international buyers to inquire.  There is a big difference between shipping to Paris, Illinois than Paris, France!  

And as always, I'm here as your ebay expert!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,