Gifts Sets - They Don't have to be Gifts!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is that companies know that they have to increase the incentives in order for you to buy, buy, buy!  For us fashionistas, this means more for our buck.  Most of your favorite beauty brands produce fabulous gift sets during this time of the year and although they make great gifts, they're also great for you!

There are so many reasons why gift sets are the way to go.  I often buy a gift set when I want to try a new product or brand but am not prepared to invest in the larger sizes and prices.  About a year ago I had read some great reviews on the brand Fresh.  All of their products were praised for their natural skincare approach and I was excited to try them out.  However, on my next trip to Sephora I found that a hefty price tag came with the good experiences.  That's why I chose this gift set below.  For $45 I got to try the fresh sugar scrub, the lip treatment, and the spray.  What I loved most?  I am now OBSESSED with all of these products and more.  It was a great introduction to the line - for a fraction of the cost!

Fresh Set, $45

Don't you get annoyed when you're planning a big trip and you realize that all of the economy sized shampoos and body washes you've purchased are just not going to fit into your carry on (or meet the TSA requirements...obviously men made those restrictions!)?  Well...that's why I sometimes like to splurge on some gift sets where they give you a variety of miniature sized body gels and lotions that are perfect for travel.  Philosophy is a great brand to find these items.  

Philosophy "Sweet Kisses and Merry Wishes" Set, $36
L'Occitane Hand Cream Collections, $40

Perfumes are even jumping on board and are ditching some of the body gels and creams in their bonus sets and are opting for a travel sized bonus.  Or take a look at this Marc Jacobs fragrance set.  Try 3 of his most popular scents for only $38.  Each rollerball will fit perfectly in your purse!

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio, $38

Armani Code Set, $82

So obviously you now realize that gift sets are the way to go!  Whether you split the set up for numerous gifts, give the whole thing as a gift, or keep all the goodies to yourself there's one thing that's for sure - you will be looking great, smelling great, and have more dough in your wallet for all of the after Christmas sales!