What's In My Bag?

One of my favorite bits in US Weekly is the "What's in My Bag?" piece.  I'm always looking for new ideas for things I have to carry in my bag, and I must say some of my beauty favorites have been found in this article.  So...I know share with you what's in my bag.  Reader...beware

My turquoise Botkier has seen better days - but I just love the color and style!  I got it over 2 years ago and it is starting to show...the seams are starting to rip on the crossbody strap.  Honestly, I'm so attached I may look into a repair shop to save my precious!  

Techno Geek: I've basically always got my iPhone with me...and I love this owl case that one of my besties customized for me.  It reminds me of my Chi Omega sisters!  

Summer Shades: Before they made a comeback, my older brother was always reppin' the Wayfarers.  I have to admit I love the classic style with the modern spin of all of the shades.  This Olive Rubberized pair is my ole standby.  

Memberships Out the...: I love a great deal, but I hate how every place makes you carry a "card" around now.  As you can see, I'm a clutch wallet gal, so when it became overwhelming I picked up this bright Tory Burch card case to keep all of my memberships sorted.  Honestly, I couldn't take the disorganization.  

Traveling Lady: I honestly hate carrying my Passport around, but I still haven't updated it to my maiden name.  Ugh.  It does come in handy though when I forget that I still have some things in my married name (like my college graduate program...whoops).  

All in One Gadgets: My mom thought it was so weird when I asked for a Swiss Army Card for Christmas one year but I use it ALL of the time.  It has a great pair of scissors, nail file, a pin, and even a toothpick...it has come in handy on multiple occasions.  

A wee bit Lippy: I must carry at least 3 lip treatments at one time.  I love the Fresh brand Sugar gloss for overall shine, and my new favorite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay lipstick.  It has great pigment with shea butter so it never cracks.  

Smelling Good on the Run: I love that fragrances have come out will rollerball versions.  It's a great way to sample a scent you're still not 100% about and is the perfect size for travel.  Now I always smell like roses.  

So there you have it...that's "What's in my Bag" at this moment.  And of course some fall, we'll have to change it up! 

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