The One-Handed Lipstick

I think every woman has put on lipstick in the car at one time or another.  This normally simple task turns into a disaster when you lose the cap or drop the lipstick on your khakis.  So that's why I am in love with the new Guerlain Automatique Lipstick.

First of all, Guerlain is a great brand for quality products with a twist.  They always seem to be coming out with a cutting edge design that makes their products better than the rest.

The Automatique Lipstick has a gliding switch that flips open the top so that you can apply the lipstick with one hand - and don't have to worry about getting color any place else but your lips!

Automatique Lipstick, $35

It's a little pricey, but as long as don't leave it in the car you should be able to use it for quite some time! 

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