Monthly Favorite - Colorful Bottoms

Now don't be confused, I don't want you to paint your rear end or go to the tanning bed and get scorched - I just want you to add a little color to your jeans or pants!  Fortunately, there are lots of options for those of you who want to go bold, or for some of us who want something more subtle.

Your stature definitely affects how you can wear this trend.  If you are tall - go all out!  You can wear red trouser pants like the Alice + Olivia pair below.  Pair them with a simple black top and nude colored shoes.  Everyone will be chatting about how sophisticated you look - very Jackie O!

Alice + Olivia High Waist Wide Leg Pants

I've always loved the tuxedo pant trend but with my short legs it usually ends up looking like I'm 5 and trying to wear my mom's clothes around the house - not pretty!  That's why I almost always have to go for a very tailored fitted straight leg pant.  In many cases these are ankle pants on people, but for me they are normally the perfect length!  I love this Jenni Kayne style.  

Jenni Kayne Straight Leg Pants $295 

And of course for you skinny legged ladies (who I despise - just kidding!) you can go for the cigarette style.  I love this light yellow look from J.Brand.  It makes me think of Grease or something the Pink Ladies would wear!  

J. Brand 11" Ankle Skinny Jeans, $172

Just remember to let the pants do the work and pair them with simple tops.  You will look incredible!

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  1. Those first pants are the same style of the ones I emailed you about a couple of weeks ago. Mine are black and make me feel 6 feet tall. Love them.