The Latest in UV Protection!

The "sun-kissed" phenomenon is at an all time high!  I can't say that I'm not guilty of this...there's something about a slightly bronzed skin that seems to make you look healthier and thinner.

However, in recent years so much has come out about UV protection that everyone seems to be walking the fine line of wanting the tan, but not wanting the skin cancer. are some of the latest and greatest in getting the glow without the risk!

Studies have shown that one of the things people hate the most about sunscreen is how it feels.  Many have tried the spray on versions, but many have wondered if you're actually able to cover certain areas and get as much as you need.  That's why I was excited to see the new Sunscreen wipes.  That's right, a wipe filled with all of the SPF 30 you need without the mess and the hassle!

Supergoop Wipes, $34 for 40 wipes

We also have the people who run to the spray tans.  Now for some people who already have a base this works out.  However, if you don't know what you're doing this can turn out very badly!  There are a few options to gradually give yourself the glow without going overboard.  

The Temptu Airbrush system offers a summer skin kit that allows you to properly prep skin and has a specific injector for face.  

Temptu Summer Skin Collection, $75

Or for an all over glow try the Lorac self tanner application.  People are reviewing about this new system  that gradually self tans the skin without a fake appearance.  Additionally, it captures your natural pigments to ensure that you have a natural glow and it won't go all orange in your dryer spots.  

Lorac selfTANtalizer, $34

So just remember - there's nothing wrong with looking bronzed...but when you look like Snooki, you have a problem! 

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