Sally Stultz - A Style All Her Own

One of my favorite things to do is give my mom a hard time.  It's kind of our family's way of saying, "I love you." So in honor of Mother's Day, I felt it only right to dedicate this post to a Mom who's classic style has helped define my exceptional taste (at least I like to think so).

Unlike her hair, Sally doesn't take too many risks when it comes to clothing.  To her - hair can grow or can hide under a ball cap, but when you buy clothes you have to wear them.  Nothing makes her more annoyed when she buys you clothes that you don't wear.  That's probably why she always has go to styles - stripes and fun prints, bright colored jackets, and pants of any kind.

One thing that I have always envied about my mom is her skin tone - she has this gorgeous olive/naturally tan skin tone that allows her to pull off colors that not many people can.  Here she is at one of my bridal shower's last summer in a lime green jacket.  Many people would think this jacket looks heinous, but she definitely pulls it off!

Really, she was quite stylish throughout the whole wedding season.  She definitely stood out at the rehearsal and wedding!  

Bold Print Jacket and Khaki Capris

At the Wedding with Dad.  

And like most of us, she has had some questionable fashion moments.  Here are a few of my favorites: 

Hello 90s!  Stirrup Pants, White socks, and Oversized Western Inspired Sweater. 
(Note: Mark Summers is the only one who looks somewhat normal here!)
Look at that Camera Bag.  Too bad she doesn't still have those shorts - bright bottoms are back!  

Most of all, I've always appreciated that my mom is completely honest.  I know if my mom says I look "nice" that she truly means it.  She has always encouraged me to not look at the size on the tag but to go with what fits best, and she has instilled in me that it's better to have a few quality items than many less expensive ones once you are in a consistent size.  And if you can find it on sale that's even better!  It's true that we don't always meet eye to eye on everything, but now that we can share clothes are similar classic preppy style has come in very handy!  

So here's to a fabulous mom who has taught me so much over the years - her great taste is just one of them!  Like me, there are probably times when you are in a store and you choose an item and think - my mom would probably pick this out too!  I know when I find something with horizontal stripes she will want to borrow it!  

Love you mom!  
XOXO, Allison

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