Real Life Fashionista Spotlight on Whitney Cooper

Miss Whitney Cooper and I have known each other since our younger years, and for a period of time we and our group of friends were inseparable.  Let's just say that we thought we ruled the school - between driving her mom's Tahoe to various weekend activities, dancing front row in our school's show choirs, and avoiding trouble - we did it all!

I'm happy to say that we've both come a LONG way since those days.  Whitney is about to enter her third and final year of Law School (Yay!) and has ditched her curly locks and tie-dye tanks for a sophisticated short cut (a la Carey Mulligan) and androgynous business wear.  I spoke with Whitney about her more mature style and life in general and here's what we learned:

NF: What's your favorite piece of clothing or go to outfit? 
WC: If you made me go home and put on my favorite outfit, I would probably choose: jeans with a slight flare (Hudson or Rich and Skinny), a fitted white v-neck tee, strappy or peep toe heels, simple dangles, and a clutch.
NF: Love it.  Simple and understated. 
WC: Exactly.  Also, I'm obsessed with a pair of loose fitting black silk pants.  They are probably my favorite item in my closet. 

(Which is a bold statement considering how many great pieces this girl has in her drawers!)

Whitney's Night Out Look
Dress - Laundry by Shelli Segal 
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

NF: Where do you buy most of your clothes? 
WC: Normally I head to Nordstrom's Savvy Department, Saks, or Banana Republic when I'm looking for a staple classic to add to my collection.  

NF: What do you look for when buying clothes or accessories?
WC: Quality, quality, quality!  I can't say that enough.  If it's an investment piece - spend a little extra.  I've been burned too many times by cheaper items that shrink, fall apart, or fade after only wearing them a few times.  When you have enough quality classics you can make so many combinations out of only a few items - it's amazing!  Quality is especially important in my shoes - there's a reason why the celebs can wear them all night long!  Also, a good pair of boots can last years if purchased with purpose.

NF: How do you describe your personal style? 
WC: My style has grown a lot in recent years.  

I read an article in Vanity Fair (I think) a while back that talked about the Kennedys and their “shabby chic” style. I think that describes my personal style, as well, though I don’t do the preppy thing very well. Nowadays, I try to wear quality pieces in that “I didn’t try very hard when I got dressed this morning” kind of way – because, frankly, I don’t try very hard. I like to look put-together, comfortable and timeless – being too on-trend never works for me. Also, having super-short hair has really transformed my style. I think I use it as an accessory, as I find short hair can really make a so-so outfit work.

For casual wear, I tend to go for a loose-fitting pair of jeans (my fashion-wise boyfriend has convinced me they are actually really flattering and sexy) and a barely-buttoned collared shirt.

For going out, it’s almost always all about the shoes. Black or dark jeans, a basic tank/v-neck tee/silk blouse, and some fabulous heels is always in style and it never gives off an overdone feeling. For colder weather, I throw on a fitted blazer, and I’m good to go!

Lawyer in Training
Shirt - Banana Republic
Skirt - Classiques Entier (Nordstrom) 
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Bag - Hobo International 

NF: What's your favorite trend right now?
WC: I really like chunky jewelry (in moderation). Watches are really catching my attention – especially those that are bigger and brighter than the average female timepiece. Also, I’ve been wearing glass rings for years, and they seem to be trending right now.

NF: Who is your fashion inspiration? 
WC: Hmmm…hard question. I’m not a big celeb fashion follower, but I think Jennifer Aniston always gets it right. Strangely, I often look to men’s fashion for ideas. I actually read GQ pretty often – they always put together carefree styles that I try to emulate in my own wardrobe.

Smokin' Hot Lady!
Tank - B.P. (by Nordstrom)
Jeans - J.Brand
Shoes - Nine West
Clutch - Kate Spade

So move on over Nancy Grace - there's a new lawyer in town and she's as chic as they get!  I know we can count on her not to give in to the traditional business suit or vest.  

XOXO, Allison

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