Eyeshadow Trend - Sequined and Shimmer

If you haven't noticed lately, celebrities have been gracing the red carpet looking a bit more ethereal and glowing.  Well, the latest trend from Hollywood's make-up artist is to forget the smokey eye and create a sparkling, shimmering eye shadow with high definition lashes.

Stars like Emma Watson have been known to rock the look and is always looking fabulous.  Whether you pair the style with a bright or nude lip doesn't matter - everyone will be staring into your eyes!

To get the look go for a creamy base with a little shimmer to it.  I recommend Benefit or Urban Decay for this.  Some lines will call this a primer, but in reality many women use these primers with a little color as a base.  For benefit try RSVP and Birthday Suit, Urban Decay go for Champagne. 

Now put on a thick black mascara like YSL volume effet faux clis.  If you don't have a lot of lashes you may want to go the fake route.  However, if you're like me and can't apply them to yourself without gluing your fingers together just try to apply several coats of mascara without getting too "spidery". Nothing looks worse than clumpy mascara!

There you have it - a simple and gorgeous way to accentuate your eyes with a more natural shimmer.  This is a great look for summer when we all have a bit more of a tan!

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