Tribute to Fashionista Mom's Everywhere

As part of honoring our mom's this weekend, this post is dedicated to the women in our lives who influenced our fashion and personal taste through the years.  Whether she gave you style to emulate, helpful shopping tips, or taught you a few pieces to steer clear of (hey - that holiday sweater did come in handy for a few college parties, right?) mom's always have your best interest at heart.

Here's what some of our readers have to say out their mommas.  

"I have to admit that my mom is a pretty snazzy dresser.  She manages to stay hip without looking too young." 

Submitted by Grant Mandrell on behalf of his mom, Ginger Mandrell

"My mom has always managed to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  I try to do the same!"

Submitted by Sarah Fine & Mary Rice on behalf of Suzy Rice.

"My mom is her own fashionista because she finds quality, versatile pieces from the clearance rack!  She never pays full price for her clothes; the more discounts, the better!"
Submitted by Anna Holt

"My mom has always been a fashionista.  We may not have the same taste, but she definitely influenced by personal style.  Plus, she kept all of her 60s and 70s clothing which came in handy in hs and college!" 
Submitted by Mallorie Kumpf on behalf of Linda Kumpf

Happy Mother's Day Ladies - you all are fabulous!  

XOXO, Allison

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