Tina Fey's Refreshing Outlook on Beauty!

I recently read Tina Fey's new book, "Bossypants" and would recommend it to anyone in need of some witty sarcasm and a big laugh.  I appreciate the fact that Tina is honest and truly the girl next door - telling readers about her encounters as a huge nerd, overcoming sexism in the comedy world, and of course - her take on beauty and photoshoots.

While reading the book I was shocked to learn that Tina had been victimized by a man who cut her in the face (under her chin) that still leaves a large scar today.  In many cases, the celebrity lifestyle would cause many women to erase something that many viewers probably consider a "cosmetic defect" but Tina embraces it as a memory and something that makes her unique.

But if you want to read all the sappy stuff, you need to get the book.  However, this is probably one of my favorite chapters, "The Secrets of Mommy Beauty."

1. On hair: "If I didn't have time...I would stand in front of our giant air conditioner and let it blast my hair dry."

 2. On skin: "The Three Secrets of Great Skin are Moisture, SOOTS (Stay out of the Sun), and Be Italian." 

3. On manicures: "Your fingernails look healthy and fresh, and the shiny varnish will help hide the little particles of garbage and human feces that city dwellers are slightly covered in!" 

4. On eye cream (and Monica Lewinksy): " 'You're supposed to gently pat it on with your ring finger.' I demonstrated. 'Oh, really?' Monica asked with a level of interested and gullibility that explained a lot."

So hopefully Tina teaches us all that we're going to have good days and bad days when it comes to fashion - but the best thing to do is take it in stride...and be happy that unlike Ms. Fey that not every single fashion blunder is captured on film.  

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  1. This book was awesome! She is so funny and so "real" for lack of a better term.