Celebrity Fashionista of the Month - Michelle Williams!

I've been a fan of Michelle's since she was climbing the ladder into adolescent filmmaker Dawson Leery's bedroom on everyone's favorite teen drama Dawson's Creek.  And while she's come a long way since the high school wild child, I must say that Ms. Williams has proved that you don't have to marry an A-list celebrity to hang with the big guns (ah hem Katie Holmes...).

Let's face it, Michelle's rise to stardom hasn't been an easy one.  However, even through the drama of a public romance, a child, and a death of your ex she has still come out on top and has earned roles in some of recent years most acclaimed pictures.  In fact, her recent role as Marilyn Monroe has been getting quite  a bit of Oscar buzz.  And even if she does lose to Meryl Streep (don't worry Michelle, it's a common occurrence that most actresses go through) at least she still looks amazing while doing so.

As many of us know, once you're on the top your wardrobe better match your new caliber status.  Therefore, it's no wonder that Ms. Williams has been looking absolutely delectable throughout awards season.  However, she still manages to look fabulous walking with little Matilda.  This is a single mom who knows what she is doing!

at the Critics Choice Awards 2012

channeling Marilyn in Vogue (breathtaking!) 

hanging with Matilda

at the Marilyn Premiere

Seriously, this girl has got some natural beauty to support those acting chops!  Keep is up Michelle - we need more talented, beautiful actresses like you!  

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