Lip Stains - Actual Long Lasting Color and Shine...Who Knew?

While some fashionable people might not admit it, a lot of the knowledge they have on fashion and beauty comes from those around them.  I will be the first person to say that I have always relied on the help of others to point me in the right direction.

If there's a void in beauty, it's definitely lip products.  No, I'm not talking about making them bigger (I think you're at the wrong place if you're looking for that) I'm not talking about finding the right color that shines and lasts for longer than 5 minutes.  My theory with make-up is that I want to apply it once and not have to worry about it all day...and in my experience you can't find that in lip products.

Enter my BFF and fellow fashonista Sarah.  Sarah is perhaps the one person I know who has more products than I do (she recently revealed to me she has 6 different shampoos in her shower...) and so I definitely trust her opinion when she lets me know about something she really likes.  This weekend she introduced me to YSL's latest creation, the Glossy Stain.  If you've been a long time reader you know that I've had a lot of success with YSL.  It's definitely a quality product (just look at the price) but well worth it!

Glossy Stain, $32,

While we were getting ready on Saturday, Sarah told me I had to use her new product before we went out.  Never one to pass up trying something new (especially from YSL) I obliged.  The stain goes on like a gloss, but here's the can't rub the stain in or smack your lips for approximately 30-60 seconds to let the stain seep in and dry.  I counterintuitive, but the results were proof that this product is exactly what I have been searching for.  Sarah had two shades - coral and berry - which I adored...really great colors for the fall.  And here's a secret that you may not realize...berries and violets that have blue in them actually give the illusion that your teeth are super white!  Kill two birds with one stone.

So thanks to Sarah I'm hoping to hit up Sephora this weekend in Indianapolis and pick a few up for myself.  I liked it better when I was making her buy new products...I'll be billing you later Sarah!

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