It's Been Awhile...

That's right - I'm back.  For better or for worse, I just can't get away from blogging.  What can I say?  The people (i.e. a few friends) have spoken.

My first attempt at blogging was unrealistic, selfish, and led to a shopping habit that when halted, put the Nordstrom in Circle Centre out of business.  Still a bit narcissistic?  Well, let's just say when you shop like a Kardashian and don't have the seven figures to back it adds up over time.  While I did get a free hairdryer, the people at Cole Haan still haven't called, and DVF hasn't swooped me away to help her design her Spring 2015 collection.  Sigh.

So what's going to change?  Gone are the days of trying to keep up with more than one blog.  For one thing, my opinion on weddings has changed (table for one, please).  Don't get me wrong, marriage is great when you find the right's just not numero uno on my priority list.  This blog is going to be a little bit of this, a little bit of that.  I'll try to keep the schizophrenia to a minimum but no promises.

I want to share with you my great finds and the latest fashion trends (could patterned leggings at pants please stop?  Unless you are Gisele Bundchen on your way to have no excuse).  Trust me, when I need to be, I can be super savvy.  It's all about spending your hard earned dough on a few key pieces, buying your basics on the cheap, and not falling for that marketing hooplah.  It's depressing how many sales are in fact not sales.  Not to mention that looking "cute" at the gym is a total waste.  Your only excuse is when Charlie Hunnam is your spin instructor.  Than by all means, wear the low cut tank top and the tight pants.  Just make sure they are not printed.  See above.

And how can I not talk about the latest celebrity gossip and whose who of Hollywood?  It seems sort of like community service considering subscriptions of US Weekly are down.  (side note, just like them on facebook or twitter or get it in real time and you don't have to read 25 things about some D list celebrity and find out what's in the bag of the latest ABC Family you still use Lip Smackers!).  You know I fill that DVR up with everything Bravo.   And when you sign up for Reality TV, you basically are announcing to the world, "Please criticize me for telling my P.O. that going to the Kesha concert is critical to my sobriety and wellbeing."

Lastly, this will be a great way for you to live through all of the embarrassing challenges that are my life.  It's not glamorous, and surely not always fashionable...but it's a life that I'm so grateful that I have. Most of all, I'm thankful to you guys for reading and supporting me. Hopefully it will be a fun ride for everyone involved.


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