Fantastic Local Finds

One bandwagon that I am certainly okay with jumping on is the new "buy local" focus.  However, there are some common misconceptions about buying local. 

  1. It doesn't have to be food or other persishable items
  2. It's not always more expensive 
  3. Buying local doesn't make you a liberal, hippie, or makes you informed
Now that I can step down from my soap box, let's talk local finds in one of my favorite places on earth, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Even though I am not very happy with the recent "extended" winter, Nap Town has some of the best eateries, neighborhoods, and local businesses on the planet!

One of my favorite local brands that has been growing in popularity is Ambre Blends.  This natural beauty house offers a variety of products that smell great, are all natural, and wait for it...serve a purpose!

Take a look at one of my favorite products, ambre glow.  It's scented with the company's signature fragrance, Ambre Essence, is an amazing moisturizer, and gives a very natural shimmer.  A small amount goes a long way, and since it actually takes care of that balmy skin (thanks, winter!) it lasts forever!
The other item I swear by?  The organic lip remedy.  Wow has this concoction does the trick.  I put on a little bit at night, and wake up to moisturized, soft lips.  

I stumbled upon the next brand thanks to the company's lead makeup artist, Kiralee, doing a fabulous job on my makeup several years ago.  Eyemax Cosmetics has emerged as one of the most reputable cosmetic companies in the 317 area code.  Not only do they provide on site salon services, but they also carry their own beauty products, as well as some other lesser known but high quality brands.  

I personally love their line of make-up brushes...think Bobbi Brown quality at a much more reasonable price.  They also carry Elizabeth Bergman Organics, which has an amazing line of essential oils that will surely help keep your skin bright and nourished.  My favorite is the "calm" oil.  It's a great scent to help you prepare for a restful sleep while also giving you that glow in the morning that we thought only the rich and famous were known for.  

And if you know of any local places that are worth mentioning certainly give them a shout out in the comments section below.  The above brands all have sites (that accept paypal - the joys of simplicity) where shopping online is as easy as it gets!  Sometimes buying local may seem like you are spending more out of pocket, but with the improved quality of the'll end up buying less often and looking better!  It's definitely a win!   

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