Fashionable, Fun, and Gadget Friendly Accessories - a MUST!

As I sit here in the library waiting for my student (I tutor in my "free time"; what can I say, I'm a person of many talents...and in need of shopping money) I'm concerned by the upcoming generation.  Seriously, I could not tell these kids apart if you asked me to.

Off to the corner sits the group of girls who are obviously "cool" but are trying to demonstrate that they are "too cool" to care if they are "too cool."  All of them are wearing your standard pair of hooker sweatpants...yeah you know, the glittery pair that says PINK all over the derrière and costs you an arm and a leg.  All I know is that in the 90s there were sponges, and puffy paint.  Just saying...

Any way, it made me consider how much I hate having the same stuff that everyone else has.  Granted, in Fort Wayne, Indiana it's not too difficult to stand out fashionably considering most wardrobes consist of your standard pair of Wrangler's and a NASCAR t-shirt but I simply hate when I get something new that I'm so excited about and then I see 3 people with the same thing - the nerve!  

Well, when it comes to gadget accessories I am always searching for something that makes me stand out as individual.  I'll pass on the bedazzled cases or the branded cases (in my opinion, you are wasting a lot of money to prove something whom, I'm not sure) or even the bulky cases that swear to protect your device until the end of eternity.  Yawn.  Give me something fun and enticing that most people won't have.  Your accessories should show off your personality, not demonstrate that you are a brand freak or like too much glitter.  

I currently am rocking this Petunia iPhone case and I love it so much.  It's simple and elegant and it goes with everything.  It's bold without being BOLD and to be honest, I think the case protects my phone just as well as many of those other cases (otterbox anyone?).  I mean, if I dropped $50 on an ugly case, why not drop $35 on a case I actually like! 

As you probably already realize, I'm also a big fan of anything Kate Spade.  She is so clever and comes up with some really fun and retro designs.  Here is one of my favorites from her line: 

Kate Spade Word Search Case, $40

Kate Spade Ipad Sleeve, $50 

A little steep for your budget?  Sign up for e-mails and as a new customer you get 15% off on your first purchase!  Stock up and save!  

Want to show off your alma mater or sorority without overdoing it?  Check out Lilly Pulitzer for some fresh takes on sororities with their new sorority patterns.  I'm a huge fan of the Chi Omega print (Go Chi-O!) and have been contemplating a purchase for several months now...

Lilly Pulitzer Chi Omega Case, $28

And if those don't make you happy try making your own!  Nothing says is as unique as a one-of-a-kind piece - maybe you'll make it a business.  I hear Etsy calling...

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