The Perfect Work Pant - without breaking the bank

Since entering into the professional work force about 6 years ago, I have continued to have trouble finding work pants.  I was "blessed" with an unusually short inseam, making it near impossible to purchase pants  without having to have them altered in some way.  I'm also in that "in between" stage where if I get the petite size, after one wash I look like I am wearing flood pants.  Seriously, it makes shopping for pants a very stressful experience.  Well...this season I found the perfect work pant and I had to share.  In fact, I've purchased them in every color because for the price I couldn't pass them up!

Some stores are hit or miss for me.  For example, one season I will be in Gap or J.Crew every other week because I love the selection and then the next season I will avoid the store like the plague.  I hate when stores come out with the same styles over and over again in different colors or shades.  It's one thing if it's a classic button up, but the same velvet blazer from last season?  Get a little creative people!  I don't want to pay $148 for the same blazer two years in a row!

Lately, I've been turning to Ann Taylor and the Loft by Ann Taylor.  I used to think there look was "too mature" for me, but recently they've emerged with some youthful and fresh styles that have clean lines and look classic.  I think it's the only place you can buy khakis that aren't wrinkled or distressed under $100.  When looking for jobs recently I realized that I was in serious need of a new pant suit.  So I went to the Loft and purchased this great camel suit and fell in love with the pants.  They were the Marisa style and they provided a lengthening factor.  They also provided more support in the waist and hip area...there are just some occasions where low rise won't cut it.

When I accepted the job in Memphis, I realized that my work pant selection was getting low.  In the past few years, I've been working in a manufacturing environment and could get away with a more casual look - i.e. jeans.  However, now that I'm going to be in more of a professional setting, I wanted to look into purchasing a few more pants for work.  I get tired of just the normal khaki and was hoping that I could find something fitting for work - not too dressy, comfortable, and flattering.  Sometimes I have trouble with pants in my thighs - I hate when the waist is huge but it's tight in my thighs.  That's why I was so excited when I found the Loft's Marisa Everyday Cotton Trousers.

For only $59.50, this style is available in 4 shades.  The best part?  Almost every weekend the Loft has some sort of promotion, so I ended up getting these pants for about $35/piece.  It is available from sizes 00 - 18 as well as petite, regular, and tall - for no extra price!  What I love about the petites is that they are a bit longer than most petites, making it easier for someone like me to be able to purchase them without looking like I have ankle pants on.  This has happened to me with Gap and J.Crew styles and it's been so frustrating!

In the last two years Ann Taylor has really revamped their brand - both at the Loft and the Ann Taylor stores.  Ann Taylor has had celebrity models such as Naomi Watts and Katie Holmes in recent ads and the Loft has brought a youthful side to their playful prints and dresses.  I love that most of their stuff is so versatile.  You could pair some of their blouses under a jacket in a more professional environment and then just throw them on with jeans on the weekends or casual Fridays.  It's definitely a great stop for affordable workwear.

Now back to the pants.  They are comfortable, light, and the colors go with just about every top you own.  I love that they look professional and luxurious but don't break the bank.  Let's be honest, some of us, whether we be teachers, engineers, or business people get our pants dirty.  So we don't want to feel guilty about getting a pair of pants soiled.  And it's even more annoying when the pants are dry clean only.

So head to the Loft - it's convenient (for most of us - there are 6 stores in the Indianapolis area alone and an outlet just south of the city), affordable, and great for the woman who needs versatility in her wardrobe.  Now you have a chance to buy your workwear and weekend attire all in one place.  After all, when you save on your clothes it just leaves more money for handbags and shoes!


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  1. I love those pants, but just a word of caution...
    I have found the Loft tends to change the fit just a little bit from time to time. Just enough to annoy you.

    If you really love them watch for a sale and buy some spares to stash in your closet. Chris makes fun of me for doing it, but it is nice when you love something so much.