Casual Tennis Shoes - A must have for the girl on the go

Okay, if you tell me that you live in heels or flats all day every day I'm going to raise an eyebrow.  And then when you prove to me that is the case, I'm going to predict that in 20 years you are going to need foot surgery.  I should know - I'm 25 and I already have had bunion surgery!

Even though there are more "comfortable" options for heels these days (more like bearable) every girl needs a pair of comfy athletic shoes that can be worn for hours and are still stylish at the same time.

In recent years, with the popularity of Converse coming back, there have been many more choices in the casual athletic shoe department.  However, even though I adore some of the color combinations, I tend to go for something more neutral in hopes that I can get some more use out of them!

One of my favorite brands for casual tennis shoes is Puma.  Some women opt to wear them for running or exercise as well, but I tend to just wear them when I am heading to the grocery store or the mall.  The thing I like most about Puma is how light they are - in some ways you don't even feel like you are wearing shoes!  Most of their shoes are also lined so that you don't have to wear socks.  You may find that gross, but I actually find it to be much easier!  I really like this 'Zandy' Flat - it has the comfort factor and is a little more dressy.  You may even be able to get away with wearing this to work!

Puma Zandy Flat, $69.95

If you are looking for something more casual, I really like the collection from UGG.  In the past few seasons they have been branching out from their classic sheepskin boots and have been trying to offer a few alternative styles for the spring and summer.  The womens Evera is one of those styles that puts a spin on the Converse All Star.  It also has more support and is partially lined in sheepskin - making socks a no-no.  

Ugg Evera Shoe, $80

The Ugg Neema II is also a great spin on the classic tennis shoe.  It still has the slip on factor that many of crave past our elementary years and it is super comfortable.  It is available in several colors to meet your needs!

Ugg Neema II, $80 

And lastly, for the girl who loves a shoe with a cause - there are TOMS.  Now, TOMS are a pretty simple shoe that aren't exactly fashion forward.  However, for every pair of TOMS that is purchased, a free pair is given to a child in need.  They are relatively inexpensive ($30-$60) and are actually extremely comfortable.

TOMS Classic Slip On, $53.95

As always, there are plenty of other options out there.  These are just a few of the most popular in the fashion world right now.  They are a great way to be comfortable and cute at the same time - and give you an opportunity to step in for that pick up basketball game at work.  Show those girls and boys what you're made of!  

XOXO, Allison

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  1. Well, I always wear a heel or a flip flop, so I know I will be unable to walk later in life. That is ok, I know a medical engineer who can design me new feet. LOL!

    But, I actually like those Pumas. Looks like a Nordies visit is needed.

    Here is my best tip from a person who refuses to wear socks...ever. Even in the winter.

    Spray the bottoms of your feet with cheap aerosol deoderant. It does two things:
    1. adds a little "slip" to keep your feet from getting blisters and callouses
    2. keeps your feet from sweating, and therefore it keeps your shoes from stinkin'

    I am a genius!