Eyeshadow Combinations I LOVE - NARS Duos

Don't you hate when you find an eyeshadow that you love, but it only comes in combination with a heinous color that you could never imagine wearing?  That has happened to be more than once.  I'll find a brown shade that I am obsessed with and then realize that it only comes with a lime green; and no matter how hard I try to make the lime green "wearable" I am never able to leave the house with it on.

Let's face it, most of us aren't in middle school anymore and trying "our favorite color" is no longer a reality.  We all tend to find a color family that we love - like neutrals, violets, or grays - and rarely get out of our comfort zone.

Well, recently I ventured out and started using NARS eyeshadow duos and I'm not sure how I lived so long without them.  The color combinations are endless and the longevity of this eyeshadow is surprising to someone who seems to always get the creases.  One thing I like about the eyeshadows is that is incredibly easy to go from day to night - layering these looks can instantly add drama.  In addition, they double as a great eyeliner.   Another characteristic that I appreciate is the fact that if normally you'll have one shimmery shade and one "flat" shade.  I tend to like a little shimmer all over my lid and something more flat in my crease.  I have several duos and every time I am surprised with the looks I can create with just two eyeshadow shades.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow, $33

Sephora carries 36 color combinations - some that you may never buy, and some that are staple eyeshadow shades for any woman's collection.  My favorites are: Bellissima, Hula Hula, Kalahari, and Portobello....then again, I tend to be a neutral girl.  

So there you go - this is an investment you won't be sorry about.  NARS has extremely high quality that actually works!  Make-up is there only mission, so you know that they are good at it!  Try out some of their other products as well - I love the blush as well!  

XOXO, Allison

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