Style I envy - Hailee Steinfeld it's time to switch things up again and start looking at celebrities and socialites who have got there fashion together.  Up for discussion today - Hailee Steinfeld.  At 14 this girl has nabbed several leading roles in popular Hollywood films, an Oscar nomination, and some of the most sophisticated designer duds out there.

First of all, kudos to Hailee Steinfeld for acting her age.  For once, a young celebrity who isn't trying to overdo it or act older than she is - and let's face it, there aren't many women her age who are doing just that.    She has emerged as one of the ladies to watch for on the red carpet - and has continued to make the best dressed list throughout this awards season.

Here's a picture of Hailee from last week's Oscars.  She is wearing a Marchesa dress (that she helped design), Fred Leighton jewels, and Ferragamo clutch and heels.  Now if anyone older than Hailee wore this dress they would look a fool; however, this is perfect for a 14 year old girl.  It's sophisticated without screaming prom and the color looks gorgeous with her fair skin.

For the Golden Globes Hailee opted for the last gown she tried on - this Prabal Gurung cream gown with Tiffany Jewels and Ferragamo shoes.  Now even though I'm sure this leading lady has stylists giving her countless opinions and choices, I am so impressed with how confident she is when making her fashion decisions. Since she isn't very curvy right now, I love how this look frames her gorgeous shoulders.  The simplicity of the hair really shows off the dress and the pop of the turquoise clutch makes it fun.  It's a mature look that she makes her own - and her fresh faced make-up definitely ensures that you won't be confusing her with some of the other women in her category. 

My favorite thing about Hailee?  Her effortless style and desire to remain a young fashionista reflects in her every day life.  You can find her sporting skinny jeans, Tory Burch flats, and casual tops while walking the streets of LA.   Who knew that I would ever want to raid the closet of a 14 year old?  Well, I do and I'm not afraid to say it.  Hailee has definitely influenced the opinions of Hollywood elite and it's not just for her acting chops - this girls knows what's up when it comes to fashion.

So Bravo, Hailee!  Here's hoping that you have continued success in your career.


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  1. Love her style too! Thanks for devoting a post to her!