Where my brides at?

I must admit that one thing I do not miss is the stress of trying to plan a wedding.  Even though I thoroughly enjoyed getting to personalize a day to reflect the personalities of my husband and I, it's a lot of work and a lot of money.

As my mom constantly reminds me, weddings have changed a lot over the years.  When she was married, you often had a ceremony at the church, and a cake and punch reception in the basement of the church.  There were no save the dates, no photobooths, no online registries, and definitely no extravagant dresses and shoes.

Well, let's be honest - finding the dress is one of the best parts!  There are so many options these days, and so many ways to personalize and accessorize to reflect a look that is totally you.  Some women choose to go with a flashy pair of shoes or a piece of statement jewelry or my personal favorite - a gorgeous and unique hair piece.

Finding a hair piece was something I put a lot of thought into.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted but I knew that I would know when I found it.  Fortunately, I had an amazing MOH (maid of honor for all of you wedding novices) who would send me links to some awesome head piece sites.  My overall favorite - Twigs and Honey.

Twigs and Honey is a company based out of the Portland, Oregon area and is lead by the head designer, Myra Callan.  What started in 2008 as a small venture after her own wedding, has turned into a very popular business with handmade delicate statement pieces sure to capture the personality of any girl who wants to be the center of attention on her big day.

The piece I ended up picking was a delicate headband that had just enough flare to stand out without taking over!  Here is one of my favorite shots of it:

For approximately $125 I was able to get something that truly made me feel like a princess without making me look like a cheesy Cinderella wannabe!  Since most pieces are made personally, you can even add your own ideas and perhaps create a custom piece.  The best part about my piece is that I can still use it in my hair on special occasions, or even wear it as a belt thanks to the ribbon closure.  It's definitely a piece that I can't wait to pass down some day.

New pieces and collections are released all the time.  My personal favorite right now?  This gorgeous silk flower, which would look beautiful with those popular side updos that are so big in weddings rights now - as shown on the model!

Photo Courtesy of www.twigsandhoney.com

So I encourage all of you future brides out there to take advantage of that one day when you get to reveal to the world just how well you clean up!  After all, after the honeymoon the real fun begins and that's when you become the old married couple and let it all hang out!  Just ask my husband!


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  1. Another great post! Your headband was definately awesome. Tiaras aren't my thing either... I wish if thought of a cute alternative headpiece for my wedding