Lace Accents - Not just for Lingerie!

Rarely have I ever seen lace look as pretty and fashionable as it has this season.  It is one of those details that can either be really good or really bad.  Let's face it, unless the lace is super nice it seems like it's hard to make it appear luxurious.  However, brands from every spectrum of the price range have come up with some really great looks that don't always break the bank!

Now some brands are going with all over lace, while other brands are offering a touch of lace.  For example, I love this J.Crew top.  I'm not too keen on how they styled it, but I know that they want to show you the whole look.  However, when I see this shell (which is available in all black, navy, olive, and this pink shade) I'm thinking about how versatile it could be!  Throw it under a blazer for work and then pair it with some skinny jeans for a night on the town.  It looks luxurious, and right now it's on sale at for $29.99 (plus an extra 30% off!).  Seriously, this is a piece that even if you wear it only one season you won't feel bad because of this great deal!  

J.Crew Lisette Lace Shell

Lace accents have also been making appearances on shoes...  

Valentino Lace Ballet Flat, $545 

When I saw this Valentino Flat I was in love!  However, I am not going to spend $545 on a shoe that I won't get much use out of.  I started bargain searching, both on ebay and other sites to see if I could get a a great deal on these shoes - and it just wasn't happening.  It's a gorgeous shoe - but not in my price range for what I get!  

BP by Nordstrom Frankie Flat, $59.95

That's why when I found this flat at Nordstrom I got really excited!  For 20% of the price of the Valentino flat, I get a great looking shoe that still has the same lace effect.  Sure it may not be as luxurious, but it's still adorable and captures the lace trend amazingly!  

And lastly, the LBD (little black dress) of lace dresses.  I love a twist on the LBD, and the lace trend gives you just that - a little something extra to look fabulous at that next wedding or a night on the town. My favorite is this style from A.L.C.  

A.L.C. Scarlett Ruched Lace Mini Dress, $395

I love the ruching detail on this dress, it definitely adds a slimming factor and also allows you to change the length of the dress.  For some of us that are getting older, we might prefer a little more length!  I also think that this dress could be worn on numerous occasions - for a night on the town with your girlfriends, a nice dinner with your sweetheart, even to some winter weddings.  The style makes it possible to be seasonless, therefore you can wear it all year round without the appearance that it's for spring or fall.  

So there you have it, my take on the lace looks of the season.  If you're still not sure, start small like the shell from J.Crew...or opt for a shoe to give a classic look a little something extra.  However, I'm not sure that you'll be able to resist the look for long - it's so luxuiorus and gives your classic pieces a twist.  After all, lace doesn't have to be just for the bedroom!  


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