One of my favorites for February - the rose gold watch

To change things up, I'm going to try to take every Sunday to talk about one of my favorite things for the month.  Up this week is the rose gold watch - something I have been eyeing ever since I posted the link on my blog!

Even though to many people, watches are a thing of the past, for women they do things: perform a useful task (by telling us the time of course...and perhaps the date!) and serve as a bold fashion accessory.  These days, designers are pulling everything out of their designer tool box to ensure that watches are still on the wrists of fashionable ladies.

Personally, even though I think some of the very expensive watches are pretty, I don't normally spend over $500 on a watch.  It's not that I'm against some of the higher end watch lines, I just think that unless it's a classic style or you have money to spend however you like, it's going to end up on the ebay or craiglist pile before you know it.  That's why if I'm looking for a trendy piece, I normally stick to brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Burberry, or even Michele in some cases.  All of these brands offer pieces that are sure to be noticed without breaking the bank.

Now back to the rose gold watch.  In my eyes, rose gold is a perfect metal for a watch.  I tend to be a white gold, platinum, or silver girl in most cases, but when gold is done the right way I may choose it.  In this case, rose gold is just that.  It offers a softer gold and looks great with any complexion.  Because is offers a softer look, you don't look so androgynous when wearing a bold menswear inspired watch.  For those of us with very small hands, those can look overwhelming and almost feel uncomfortable!  Back in the fall I found a Burberry watch that I was in love with.  It had a gray leather band and a beautiful gray inspired face.  However, when I tried it on I felt like I was wearing an arm weight.  It was heavy and not delicate.  I was so bummed!  That's yet another reason why I love this Michael Kors style.  The color sets off the size and still makes it look delicate and feminine, so that you can wear it with more outfit combinations - not just casual wear.

So if you're looking for a new watch this spring, look no further.  I would like to think that the rose gold is here to stay!


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