The Great Debate - Is it really worth it?

Don't you hate when you go to the mall and just want to peruse the new MAC colors only to be bombarded with three girls waiting to try to sell you on the latest and greatest.  I will be the first to admit that I used to be totally convinced by these women - how could this eyeshadow not change my life?  Sure, it is $20 for a small thing of eyeshadow, but according to the sales lady this new formula doesn't crease and lasts longer.  It is made of minerals from some place I've never heard of and it's a classic color.  Of course, at this point I would be totally convinced that this eyeshadow was meant for me...only to find out that in order for me to get the look that the girl demonstrated I would have to spend about $100 on make-up brushes, $20 on eyeliner, purchase 3 more eyeshadow colors and of course, the new mascara.  Enough!  I hate that so many women get sucked into this.  It's annoying!  This situation has caused me to start doing my research at home...or even try to shop for beauty products online.  I hate going into the beauty department wanting to spend $50 and in a weak moment spend $200!

Here's my suggestion to you - read online reviews.  One of the best things that department stores and online beauty stores have started doing on their sites has been posting buyer reviews.  Sure, you're probably not going to agree with everyone but try to look at demographics.  Most sites allow women to choose which age range they belong in and where they are located in the states.  Therefore, if you have really dry skin you may not want to listen to the woman who loves a product but has very oily skin.

The best experience I ever had with a beauty counter was the Kiehls Department at the Nordstrom at the Fashion Mall in Indianapolis.  I came into the store looking for a new foundation.  Personally, I do not like heavy make-up...I prefer to feel like I'm not wearing any.  However, I thought that I would like Bobbi Brown foundation based on a few reviews.  Well, the Bobbi Brown counter person was missing and Kay from the Kiehls Department decided to help me out.  As we began talking about my skin, she suggested that I go with a tinted moisturizer.  Kiehls had some that she recommended, along with a skin care line she recommended.  I immediately was turned off.  "Great," I thought, " another sales lady to bully me into buying a ton of stuff I will end up not liking or not using."  Well...I was wrong.  After agreeing to have her demonstrate the products on me she surprised me by not asking me to buy anything.  She explained that she knew how expensive investing in a whole bunch of new products was, so she gave me a weeks supply of all of the products we had used, and told me to use them and see how I liked them.  If I felt like the products were beneficial, then she would be happy to help me again.  If not, then she would be happy to help me find something that did.  I was shocked.  I could not believe that she wasn't going to ask me to buy all of these products.  It was amazing and I left feeling really excited to use the samples.

For the next week, I used the products.  A few of the items I did not think were for me, but overall I loved the Kiehls line.  My favorite product ever is the Kiehls Overnight Biological Peel, below:
For anyone who feels like they want to minimize pores and soften skin to create a more even tone - this is the product for you.  Just put on a dime size amount all over your face before you go to bed.  When you wake up, your skin will be refreshed and soft - not oily or grimy.  The best part?  Kiehls online offers free if you want to try it out you can - for free.  And if you like it, the price tag isn't too bag considering how long it lasts you.  $43 for lasts me approximately 6 months if I use it every night...and some people only use it 3-4 times a week.  I no longer get facials because this product gives me the skin that I have been dying for!  A+ to Kiehls!

One thing I have learned from my experiences with beauty counters is don't feel pressured to buy something.  It's okay to say no.  However, if you really want to try a product ask for a sample. Any counter person who refuses to give you a sample is crazy.  It's totally normal for someone to want to try something before they purchase it.  I do this any time I see a new beauty product I want to try and I've never had someone tell me no.  Now, if you get a dirty look because you ask for a month's supply...don't be surprised!

Also, provide feedback.  I used to be afraid to tell people what I really thought of the product because I felt like I should like it.  However, the more honest you are the more able someone is to help you.

So in short, the next time you walk into the beauty department of your favorite make-up counter walk with confidence and know what you need.  If you just want to look - tell them!  And if they try to sell you on the latest and greatest, tread lightly.  Only engage if you really think what they are telling you sounds fabulous.  And if you try it out and don't like it - don't buy it!  Trust me, if you just invest in a few great beauty products you love - your body, and your wallet will thank you for it!


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  1. I love the Kiehls over night biological peel, tinted moisturizer and microderm scrub! Allison introduced new to this brand and I'll be forever thankful, my skin has never looked better and I too don't bother getting facials anymore.