The High Waisted Jean - Love it or Hate it?

Even though the skinny jean is still making appearances on young celebrities the latest trend is the high waisted jean - and the higher the better!  It's available in almost every style, but it seems like the most popular is the 70s bell bottom.  If you have long legs this is the jean for you.  Throw on your wedge shoes and peasant top and you are ready to hit the town!

Now some women have issues with the high waisted jean, and I used to be one of them.  For some time I thought the lower the rise, the better.  However, I'm not 21 anymore and being an engineer I'm moving around a lot in tight spaces.  Therefore, I'd kind of like a few things (mainly my undergarments) to remain unseen!

One thing I can't shake is the shade of the jean.  I love a dark rinse, it's slimming and it looks great on anyone.  Some brands are really pushing their lighter styles and although they look amazing on the models, I would really ask yourself if you think you will get a lot of use out of them before you purchase - because lighter jeans don't have that slimming effect that many dark rinses do.

If you want to start small try the Joe's Jeans High Waisted Boot Cut Visionaire.  At $168, this jean still gives you the high waist fit without looking like you are wearing your "mom" jeans.  The distressing of Joe's is exceptional and lengthens the leg - making this a great option for the more petite crowd looking to venture into the high waisted jean genre.  High waisted jeans look amazing with some of those shorter jackets - therefore allowing you to still look professional at work and then fashionable during a night on the town!

For more of the risk taker, is the J. Brand Kiki Jean.  At $185 this high-rise flare is definitely giving you more of that 70s hippie look.  I love the way that net-a-porter has styled this look.  The model looks so fresh in a simple white top, wedge shoes, and that amazing Chloe bag.  It looks effortless and chic without being cheesy.  And it's a great way to jump on this season's 70s them bandwagon.  

So if you're like me and that low waisted jean just isn't doing it for you anymore, try the high waisted jean.  As long as you choose the appropriate size, you'll avoid the muffin top (a la Jessica Simpson) and appear very slim and long limbed.  And when possible, pair with a shoe that adds a bit of height to enhance that effect.  Embrace the 70s and be the first of your friends to try out this comeback trend - it's so groovy!  


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  1. I am like you. I hate low waist. Its uncomfy, and it slides down. What a concept; Jeans whose waist is in the same place as the humans waist.