Want an airbrushed look every day? Then keep reading...

I've always heard from make-up counter people that primers are a great way to give you a seamless, airbrushed look all day.  Well, I've tried quite a few and after a few hours of work, my nose looks shiny and if it's a really bad day I might have a few creases.  I hate adding more powder, because it looks so unnatural in some cases.  I'm sorry, but the only way to truly have that flawless look again is to completely redo your make-up.  You can try to convince me otherwise or show me a trick, but I've tried everything from all sorts of sources (online, professional make-up artists, magazines, you name it!) and I've never had that natural, gorgeous look all day...until now.

One of my favorite skin care lines is Philosophy.  It may be expensive for some, but there stuff is high quality and it normally lasts quite a long time.  Recently, they have started to release a make-up line as well.  It is a small but growing line, and so far the products meet up to the standards demonstrated in their shower gels, lotions, and face wash.

Recently, while perusing an online store, I noticed a product called The Present by Philosophy.  The product was deemed the "invisible make-up" and promised to provide users a seamless look.  Either serving as an all over make-up for the woman on the go, or as a base for someone looking for a little more coverage.  Now I must say, that even though I have had much success with Philosophy's products - I was skeptical.  I thought..."here we go again, a product that has been overpromised."  However, when I received a gift card to Macy's after Christmas I figured, what's there to lose, and made the purchase.

When it arrived in the mail I had my doubts but since I had made the purchase I decided to use it.  When I put it on my face I was expecting it to feel heavy and wet due to the thickness of the product, but was surprised how easily it spread on my skin and made my skin feel super smooth.  As I started to brush on my tinted moisturizer I was shocked at the results.  The make-up almost seemed under a spell, it applied so smoothly and looked incredibly even.  Could this product really be living up to the hype?  Well, so far it has.  In fact, I put it on this morning, wore it to a super bowl gathering, ate a lot, and came home to find my make-up still looking flawless.  For the first time, I truly believe in a product and don't think I can live without it!  Okay, perhaps I am not that attached, but I am incredibly excited to have found a product that I can recommend to all of you, and feel like each and every one of you will benefit from this product.  Even if you have flawless skin, this will make you look better.

So ladies, come one, come all...this is the stuff for you.  I don't know how they do it, but I can't wait to see what else Philosophy comes up with!  



  1. I love this stuff too!! I started using it last fall. Its great under tinted moisturizer or by itself (which is how I usually wear it). It gives your skin such a smooth feel and is definately not heavy at all once you get it rubbed in.

  2. I just bought the YSL mascara that you recommended and am obsessed. I usually am not that picky about mascara because I know that I have great eyelashes and usually a couple layers of any mascara really makes my eyes pop. However, this mascara actually made my eyes look even better. I feel so fantastic in it, so now I'm so excited to try this product! Thanks Allison! :)

  3. Allison, first of all: I love your blog! You are perfect for this. Second, I use philosophy's "the supernatural" powder foundation and it's amazing. It always fixes my bad skin days, and it never looks heavy or overdone. Definitely worth checking out. I'm not big on department store make up, but this is a must-have!