An Investment Worth Making - Make-Up Brushes

When a make-up artist once told me that she would be nothing without the make-up brushes I laughed.  Literally - out loud.  I wasn't try to make fun of her, but I really thought it was hard to believe that a metal or wooden handle with a few bristles with hardly be the difference between getting a fabulous smokey eye and looking like a clown.  However, I was wrong (I know, hard to believe) - the brushes were the answer!

I came across this "secret" of the pros a few years ago.  For awhile I had been wearing the same make-up look and it was obviously not the best stuff to be wearing.  I just wanted something fresh.  So when I went to the mall shortly thereafter I decided to try out MAC.  It seemed like it would be the safest bet - a high end cosmetics line that wasn't out of the world expensive for a poor college kid.  The make-up artist was really sweet, and when we were done I couldn't believe how different my look was.  One of the things about my look that I was obsessed with were my eyes.  They had subtle shades of purple with a little gray mixed in - colors I would never choose but looked amazing with my hazel eyes.  

Normally, when I had gotten eyeshadow with more than one color in the pallet my eyes would appear like someone punched me.  It wasn't that I was applying it poorly...I just didn't have the right tools.  All that I was using were the applicators given to you in the eyeshadow.  The MAC artist wasn't pushy, but she told me that the best way to mirror the look was to try the brushes.  So she took off my make-up on one eye and went through the steps with me.  Now, this isn't like a miraculous story or anything...her smokey eye still looked way better...but mine looked pretty good for my first try!  After that I was sold, and we selected a few basic brushes for me to try with the new look she had provided.  

Now that I've been using the brushes for awhile, I don't know how I ever lived without them.  For one thing, my hands aren't a million colors when I'm done putting on my make-up - they are actually fairly clean!  Also, I don't use as much of my make-up because I use small amounts to apply to my face.  Not only is this cost effective but it also makes my look more natural looking.  Without using all of the excess my make-up doesn't look heavy - a problem that some of us encounter when we don't apply our make-up correctly.  

So if you're tax refund is on the way and you're looking to get something new for yourself - why not buy something you'll actually get a lot of use out of it instead of that pair of flashy heels that you're only going to wear once!  Start out with a few of the basics (a foundation brush, a powder brush, a cheek brush, an eyeshadow brush, and an angled brush) or look for a good set.  

I recommend this set below from Bobbi Brown.  It's cheaper than buying them individually, and it basically gives you everything you need to enhance your look!  

Not sure what the brush is for?  No biggie - on the handle of the brush it tells you it's intended use!  Problem solved!  

So next time you want a new look...don't necessarily rush to the counter and buy up all the new colors.  Buy a brush or too, and try using the colors you already have.  You'd be surprise what you come up with it...after all, you are the canvas!  


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  1. Let me tell you that price on amazon for those brushes is a great deal. I have had my Bobbi Brown brushes since the start of college. They have held up beautifully. I suggest buying their new bronzer brush. It runs $50 but is *amazing*