Avoiding the Orange - Getting the Most out of a Bronzer

For many years I have striven to find a bronzer that gives a healthy, sun-glistened glow vs. the "Jersey Shore" orange - and it hasn't been an easy task.  When I first started wearing make-up I approached the "more is better" methodology - never a good thing.  I began wearing bronzer all over and it would normally appear caked on, and for lack of a better word, fake.  My mom (who is a less is more gal) would try to tell me that my look was...unnatural at best...but at the time I was convinced that my look was making me more and more beautiful - a tanned beach beauty.  Sort of.

Well, when I look back at those photos I have to laugh - I definitely thought I saw something different at the time.  But hey, that's how you learn.  As time has gone on, I've gotten better with my bronzer application, but I've had trouble finding one that I actually love.  Every time I try one on in the store I am satisfied, but I'm not sure that it's really adding the sun kissed look that I am trying to achieve.

I've always been the type of person who has sensitive skin when it comes to the sun.  I have to gradually tan in order to build up an appropriate base.  However, my face always seems to tan slower than my body or on bad days - turn red.  It definitely complicates trying to apply make-up and finding the right shade to appear natural to match your "summer" skin tone.

Recently, I finally found what I have been looking for - a bronzer that I am obsessed with!  It's the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bronze Brick Compact and it is well worth it's $38 price tag.
I've learned over the years that the trick with bronzer is how you apply it and where you apply it.  You definitely want to start out with a small bit on a large, plush brush and apply to the cheekbones.  If you feel that it is not giving you the complete "bronzed" look that you are looking for, try highlighting a small bit on your forehead and nose.  Again, I repeat, less is more!  We don't want you looking like Snooki out there in the winter!  

The best thing about the Bobbi Brown bronzer is that there are several shades in the compact which  really makes a difference during application.  Rarely will you be able to tan evenly everywhere.  By adding some lighter shades this creates such a natural radiance that people will be asking you where you've been on vacation recently.  

To me a good bronzer is one that you can even add to your winter make-up routine without looking like you just stepped out of the tanning bed.  Use it as blush to add just a little something different - people will notice...for all of the right reasons!  

So say goodbye to those winter blues and try it out!  We all need a little sun in our life...and if you can't get it (like me) at least fake it...without looking fake!  



  1. You know, I've never really tried bronzer. Maybe you can give me a lesson next time we're together!

  2. For sure! Bobbi Brown makes the shimmer compact in various shades, including a beige. If you are hesitant, it might be a good place to start.

  3. bobbi brown is my go-to makeup! i swear by it!!!

  4. You need to check out the Physcians Formula Shimmer Strips...identical concept.


    BTW...I love all the Sally advice that comes out in your posts. LOL! Will you please tell Lucy to listen to me because one day she will be blogging about how right I was?