My new favorite blog - and no it's not mine!

Last week I stumbled upon a new blog on accident and now I can't stay away from it - just ask my husband!  It's called Celebrity Fashion - The Celebrity Fashion and Style Guide ( and let me tell you it has made my life easier!

It all happened when I got the latest issue of Cosmo in the mail the other day.  Have you seen it yet?  Excuse my language, but Damn!  Lea Michele is looking fabulous on the cover!  I especially loved the ring that she was wearing and was disappointed that the magazine didn't have any additional information besides the brand.  I started perusing online, and found Celebrity Fashion.  One of the aspects of the blog is Outfit Identifier - it breaks down the outfit by telling you who designed what and wear you can find it online.  For example, did you know that her sexy top is actually this Oscar de la Renta swimsuit?  I had no idea!

Obviously, as with most web searches, I got totally sidetracked and ended up being on the site for an hour!  I loved looking through the pictures of the celebrities and wear to find their looks - and it wasn't just magazine covers or award shows.  There were pictures of them out on the town in a great pair of skinny jeans and boots, or at lunch in an adorable dress.  Plus, with links to all of the items it made shopping online for that perfect new pair of heels so much easier!  And looking at their look gives you the opportunity of what (or what not) to pair the item with!

There are plenty of other sections that offer great advice!  Do you like the article in US weekly called "who wore it best?"?  Well - Celebrity Fashion put a spin on it called Celebrity versus Runway where you can see how the designer styled the look and how the celebrity (or stylist) did.  It's a great way to find new ideas and quickly see what's new in fashion!

So...when you've got some free time - check it out!  I love seeing how magazines, designers, celebrities, and fashionistas everywhere come up with new and innovative ways to put their best foot (or heels) forward!


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