Ambre Glow - My Favorite Moisturizer with something extra! who of all of us has tried to use a shimmer lotion and didn't get the effect you were looking for?  Normally, my hands end up really shiny and the rest of my body leaves my clothes feeling and looking terrible.  It's a nightmare to clean, and it makes you look fake!  After all, most of us are looking for a natural glow...not to look like a Christmas tree!

Well, I think I finally found something worth trying - and it smells wonderful!  It's called Ambre Glow.

I came across Ambre Glow while I was getting ready for my wedding last year.  I was fortunate enough to land a make-up artist from Eyemax Cosmetics - a great cosmetics company and studio opened by Kiralee Hubbard in Indianapolis.  After doing my make-up (which looked fabulous - I highly recommend them!) the make-up artist handed me the Ambre Glow and said, "Try this.  It will give you a great glow and it will look awesome in pictures."  At first I was hesitant, not being very impressed with "illuminating lotions" in the past, but I was surprised about the effects.  I had an amazing, natural looking glow.  A few of my bridesmaids tried it and I was surprised that it looked great on any skin tone.  It doesn't matter if you are fair, tan, or have an olive skin tone...this moisturizer really brings out the best in all skin types and shades!  The best part?  It has an amazing smell - Ambre Essence which is also available in a oil/perfume.  

For $50, you get the container above...and a little bit goes a long way!  I've had mine for 6 months now and I still have over half left!  I don't use it every day, but I do use it any time I'm going out, or am looking for a glow.  I've been really impressed with the effects so far and think that it's a great way for a girl to enhance her beauty without looking fake!  Who doesn't want that amazing glow?  

So check it out!  It's hard to find a moisturizer I like...and now that I have one that gives a little something extra it's even better!  


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