February Favorite - the Brian Atwood Maniac

For those of you ladies out there who think that the mile high heels aren't for you...I hope to change your mind by the end of this post.  Up for discussion is the Brian Atwood Maniac Pump, a February favorite that's classic style is sure to stick around for more than a season!

I have always been a heels girl...but as I've gotten older, I've realized how much damage a pair of poorly made heels can do to your body.  In fact, in the past few years I've steered away from these slimming beauties and have opted for more "ergonomic" styles like the ballet flat and the wedge.  Of course I still try to be fashionable while doing so, but nothing says sexy like a heel.  

Well, I thought it was a feat when I could walk in a 4" heel, but these days 6" is the new 4".  Heels are sky high almost as if it's a challenge to see who can wear the highest pair.  When I used to see women in them, I would think, "she must be going somewhere special" or "that is probably for pictures."  I couldn't imagine that the every day woman would want to risk permanent damage to her body by walking out in the season's latest trends.  

About a year ago, I realized that these heels were here to say, and I thought, why not?  Being a savvy shopper, I wanted to go for a classic style and some of the other brands like the famous red-soled Louboutins didn't seem to provide that edge as much as one heel - the Brian Atwood Maniac.  

As you can see, this is a versatile shoe - especially if you purchase it in black or nude.  However, there are also some more colorful options that make this shoe stand out even more.  Now I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that this shoe is as comfortable as that pair of flip flops you won't get rid of - ever.  But...they are more comfortable than many of the styles out there.  The reason?  The hidden platform trend.  The way of elongating the legs while still allowing you to walk without the appearance of intoxication.  After all, who wants to be the messy girl who can't walk in her heels!  Now for those of you who need the facts, here it is.  The heel is 4.75"...and the platform is 1.25"...therefore this compares to walking in a 3.5" heel.  

Depending on color and style this shoe can run you from $540 to $600 plus.  However, if you invest wisely this shoe will definitely not be getting dusty in your closet and you won't be regretting it months later.  It's a great shoe, that can be paired with jeans, a spring dress, or even a more formal look.  I love the style and get very excited when new colors come out.  The use of materials, colors, and detail work allows you to buy more than one maniac pump without someone asking you if you bought the shoe in every shade.  These are my two favorites - the Classic Patent Leather Pump in black and the Cotton Covered Manic with Eyelet Detail.  Both are great, and offer something different for your individual style.  

So ladies, I encourage you to give your wedges a rest and make room for a hot pair of heels!  They will make you feel amazing - and they add a little something to any ensemble!  


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