Goodbye Facials, Hello Clarisonic Mia!

Unfortunately, I was one of those girls growing up that got acne.  Now I never had acne so badly that I suffered from scarring or boils, but it definitely was a nuisance.  Like most women, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my skin...and I get really irritated when my body decides to go on the defense.

These days, it's not just our hormones that cause these annoying little bumps; it can be the things that you eat, how you hold your cellphone, leaning against your hand...almost anything can cause acne - and it's a huge market for treatments.  Don't you get tired of those annoying commercials that promise to bring your skin back to life?  Seriously, if I see Katy Perry talk to her shoe one more time about Proactiv I'm going to scream.  Sorry...but 90% of the time these products don't live up to the hype.  Sure, they might help you out  but in many cases your skin ends up dry and damaged - which is almost as frustrating as acne!

Well, let me tell you that I have tried just about everything since being in 6th grade - just ask my mom.  All through high school she shelled out plenty of dollars trying to get rid of the zits!  I've tried prescriptions, over the counter medications, informercial products, and even monthly facials.  Some products have worked better than others.  For example, I have sensitive skin and I can't handle some of those acne products that suck all of the oil out of you.  As I've gotten older and my hormones have settled down, I just don't produce the oil that I used to!  This leads to constantly feeling like I have to change products until now.

After months of research I finally decided to get the Clarisonic Mia.  Now for someone as strange as me, the fact that they made it in lavender helped make my decision a little easier.  After all, it has to look cute!

When this product first came to the market I scoffed.  From years of trying everything that came out and wasting time and money trying to perfect my skin I was certainly a skeptic when something new was on the shelves.  Plus, being an engineer I analyze everything!  So I decided to stick to my routine - try to get a facial every 2 months or so, keep using my Kiehl's and Philosophy products (my go to skincare lines) and move on.  Why wouldn't I?  I only break out about once a month any more and that seemed okay.

But just last month I realized that the Clarisonic Mia might be worth trying.  For one thing, I started this blog...and I have to try new things so I can write about them (I am the queen of justification).  And everyone online was raving about this product.  So with Sephora gift card in hand I purchased the Mia and was excited to start using it.  I doubted that it was worth the $150 price tag, so I was prepared for a somewhat critical review.

The Clarisonic Mia is the fun, compact alternative to other models - perfect for travel!

When I first tried it last Monday, I was shocked!  My skin literally felt like a baby's!  I could not believe it.  I even made my husband try it.  Of course, he wasn't as flabbergasted as I was...but he seemed to notice an improvement too.  Then the skepticism and the doubts came back..."this has to just be because it's the first time..." I assumed.  I mean...that would only make sense.  But, I'm on day 7 now and my skin continues to prevail.  Not that my skin was in bad shape prior to trying the product, but my pores appear cleaner and smaller, and my face seems more even and almost has a glow to it.

Clarisonic Mia Starter Set, $150

I've decided that if on day 30 I am still as excited as I am now, I am officially canceling all future facial appointments and just making sure that I stick to this regiment.  Like any product, this isn't a miracle worker but it certainly improves your skin's quality.  The other thing I like about the product is that it is rechargeable, and if you prefer another face wash (the set comes with a sample of the Clarisonic brand) you can easily put yours on the brush head.  There's no commitment to stay with the brand's face wash or to stick with your own.  In fact, use more than one.  I use my gentle, Philosophy Purity face wash most of the time, and then exfoliate several times a week with my Kiehl's White Clay Face Scrub.  I recommend both to anyone with combination skin.

So...try to see the glass as half full from now on!  I know I'm learning that some of these products are actually worth the extra cost up front!  I mean...Clarisonic Mia $150.  Brush Head Replacement Pack (2 brush heads), $30.  Monthly facials, $70.  Even if you replace your brush head every month you're looking at a savings of approximately $600 a year!  That's some jeans, a few tops, maybe a name it!  Those are the types of savings I like to see!

What are you waiting for?  Better skin - Check.  More money for shopping - Check.  Being a savvy gorgeous girl - Priceless (sort of).





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