Avoid the winter dryness and get Kissable Lips Overnight!

One of the many downsides to living in Indiana is the weather - I hate how much the weather changes around here.  During the spring and fall my allergies are out of control, the summers are incredibly humid, and the winters are so dry that my skin feels abused!

As bad as it is when my hands and feet feel cracked, I really hate when my lips are dry and bleed at the smallest movements.  Last year I had enough and decided that I need to invest in something other than the drugstore lip balm.  So, I went to my go to skin care line (Philosophy) counter and explained what was going on.  Immediately, the salesperson recommended, "Kiss me Tonight" - an intense lip therapy that you apply before going to bed.

If I hadn't had so much confidence in Philosophy I probably would have been apprehensive to spend $20 on a small bottle of what appeared to be Vaseline.  However, because I had so much success with other products in their portfolio I decided to give it a try.  I was surprised at the immediate effects that took place once I woke up in the morning.  My lips actually didn't hurt and the visible appearance had improved vastly.  TheSaving...y were smooth and the color seemed rosier.  Like most products, I figured this was possibly just because of the newness of the product on my lips, but a year later and I still use this product every single night before I go to bed and I am officially no longer walking around embarrassed of how my lips look.  My husband of course likes it because I am more willing to give a kiss now that it's not painful!  

I know that winter is almost over...and some of you probably wish you had heard about this a few months ago, but seriously this is a treatment that should be used year round.  I've found that the more consistently that I use it the better the quality of my lips are...and the more willing I am to put on some flashy lipstick and hit the town!  


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