May's Giveaway

May's giveaway is all about getting the blog a good way :).

You can be eligible for this month's blog in several ways.

  1. Post my "button" (html is located on the home page) on your site or blog
  2. Recruit a friend to follow the blog (leave a comment on a blog post) 
  3. Like our Facebook page
You can choose to do one of these items or ALL of these - for a maximum of 10 entries!

One lucky winner will win a $50 gift card to Sephora.  Good luck!   

Note: This giveaway ends on 5/31/11 at 11:59pm CST.  Must be a follower to be eligible. 


  1. If you click your "button"...this is the message received -
    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog The Nerdy Fashionista - Life as a Girly Engineer does not exist.

  2. Try clicking the text below it. That's what you will want to copy and paste into an "html" box in blogger or other blog site. Let me know if that doesn't work.

  3. added it to facebook but appears as string of text with 3 links in it..not as button :(

  4. It's because it's "Html" code and not a link. You can add it to your blog, but probably not to fb unless you have a facebook page and not a facebook profile. I know it's confusing, but basically you can't add the html code unless it's an html converter.

  5. :) but all my followers (500+) are on facebook and not blog..getting them to "convert" is becoming difficult lol