Toms - Love Em or Hate Em Toms - you either love em or you hate em.  Trust me, I used to be leaning towards hate em.  I mean, as much as I wanted to support a good cause I just couldn't get over how... unattractive they were.  True, they are comfortable and are definitely functional; however, it was hard for me to look past the "granola-hipster" vibe they created.  Nothing against you hipsters with that, "I'm so cool without trying" style - I envy you.  Even so, I'm a preppy girl (my friends once referred to my conservative style as The First Lady) and I just couldn't find a way to jump on the Toms bandwagon.

However, in the last season the Toms creative team has come out with some truly fun designs that are actually fashionable - with creative patterns and unique materials.  I purchased this pair of Gilded Herringbone Toms several months ago and let me tell you - this is a great weekend shoe.  They are so comfy - and I love throwing them on to let the dogs out or go to the grocery store.

So - I can officially say that I'm a hipster-wannabe because now I have a pair of Toms.  However, I think if you try them out you will be pleasantly surprised.  And...if you hate them give them to someone in need - now 2 people are getting shoes who need them :).  That's got to be a tax write off, right?  ('s Monday and a little sarcasm is required).  

XOXO, Allison

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