Flowerbomb - it's the BOMB!

I apologize for the cheesy title, but if you're looking for a scent that's soft, girly, and perfect for every day you must check out Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb.  It's definitely not cheap, but as with most perfumes - a little bit goes a long way.

Flowerbomb is definitely a girly, floral scent but it also has a moderness to it.  Personally, I feel pretty when I wear it - dainty if you will.  It's the perfect combination of jasmine, rose, and orchid to keep people "smelling" you all day!

Flowerbomb, $25-$150

Still not sure?  No problem!  One of my new favorite trends is the rollerball fragrance.  This purse-size piece is perfect for the girl on the go or to sample a fragrance you're still not sure about.  For only $25 you still get the great scent without breaking the bank!  It's great for the indecisive girl who likes to mix up her scents.  

XOXO, Allison

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