An April Favorite - Maxi Skirts

Calling all hippies - the 70s are back and they are taking over the fashion world.  One of my personal favorites?  The maxi skirt - chic and comfy this piece can be dressed up with wedges and a cute blouse or for a more casual look pair with a t-shirt and leather flip flops.  With this easygoing look you can't go wrong - anything goes!

I used to think that I could never do the maxi skirt because I'm short and have no legs.  However, these styles are great pieces for everyone.  If you're more petite, you will want to pair the skirt with a more fitted top to accentuate your waist.  In most cases you will want to pair the look with wedges.  This could avoid the costs of alterations and lengthen your leg.  As for you tall people or the ladies with long legs (ugh) you can pair it either way.  Just make sure that the skirt won't hit you at an awkward place if you are going to wear wedges.  I always like to try on these types of items with the shoes I would probably be wearing.  If you don't have them with you - no problem.  Most stores will sell a similar wedge or at least heel of the same heights to give you an idea of what it will look like.

One of my favorite more casual brands is Joie.  It's a California-based company that eludes easy style - perfect for the Cali girl.  They have this gorgeous Eunice Cotton Maxi skirt that I am drooling over.

I don't really care for the top that they paired it with, but I love the skirt.  Here's something to consider though.  Maxi skirts are a trend right now...they could be out next month, next year - you never know!  Therefore, this skirt, at $188 may not be your best bet.  

That's why I would probably be more willing to opt for this Forever 21 Ikat Maxi Skirt.  At only $19.80 I won't feel guilty if this look gets thrown to the Goodwill pile next year.  Plus, I love how they have accessorized this look.  The skirt is definitely the focal point and I love the addition of the belt and boots!  

If the pattern is too much for you - no problem!  There are lots of options for more classic looks.  I like this black piece from Express.  The tiers give it a little something extra without being as overwhelming as a bold pattern.  And for a more versatile look, the price tag of $69.50 makes it more worthwhile then some of the other splurge pieces.  

I can't wait to wear my maxi skirt out to all sorts of functions - work, a nice wine bar, summer weddings...the possibilities are endless.  Heck, I would probably sleep in it - that's how comfy and chic these pieces are!  

XOXO, Allison

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