Dry Shampoo - a FABULOUS find!

I've been reading reviews online for awhile now about dry shampoos and the one consistent comment was that it works greats for brunettes and red heads, but not so well for blondes.  Additionally, people were discussing a white residue that was left behind - gross!  So of course, for the good of the blog, I have researched this product and will now let you decide for yourself!

I tried both the higher end brand and the drugstore brand - and for blondes, it does make a difference.  If you're a lighter brunette or a blonde - you'll want to dish out the extra money.  My personal favorite is the Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray.  It honestly felt like my hair had new life.  I just sprayed some at the roots, let it set for 2 minutes, and then combed it out.  It was super easy and fast - making it great for the woman on the go!

5oz bottle, $23

For brunettes and red heads, I have a feeling that you can get away with the drugstore version of TRESemme dry shampoo.  It's only $4.79 and has similar results.  However, I did see some residue after trying this product that looked dandruff-esque.  If you have dry hair with seasonal dandruff - I don't think this is the product for you.

TRESemme, $4.79

My verdict is that it is truly dependent on your hair type and color.  For me, the higher end product works better.  And remember - this isn't for every day use...every once in awhile a shower is needed!  Let's keep this product away from the men in our lives...

XOXO, Allison


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you blogged about this! I've been wanting to try a dry shampoo. Since I straighten my curly hair on occasion...I don't want to have to wash it every day. I'll have to try these!
    Thanks! :)

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  3. Thanks for the recommendation for blondes!!

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